Friday, August 11, 2017

Hearts For Hearts Girls Are Back!

  This may be old news to some of you,but it was new news to me when we went to Target the other week and there were Hearts For Hearts dolls on the shelf again!

I looked at the dolls and I  thought Nahji had a different outfit from the one on the box. It was purple. Maybe I'm crazy. The others were wearing the same outfits as the old Hearts For Hearts dolls.
  Maybe they will add the rest of the old dolls, or some new ones,but according to the Hearts For Hearts Girls website these four seem to be the only dolls they are doing so far. The big difference in the new dolls seems to be that the price is now $39.99. I swear these dolls were $29.99 the last time they were in stores. If they weren't doing well before, and had to stop production for a while, I fail to see how raising the prices  and making it so that even less people will buy them is going to help. I'm glad I got my two favourites, Dell,(You can see her HERE.), and Zelia (You can see Zelia HERE.),before, when they were cheaper.


  1. I don't understand the new packaging. Little girls (and adults) want to see the actual doll. You have to physically open the cover to see the doll. I don't think it's a good marketing strategy. I'm glad I got my favorites of this doll already too.

    1. The older ones had the box with the cover flap too. They went to the open front ones right before they stopped. I have one of each.I think the open front ones look a little cheaper,but I see your point about wanting to be able to just see the doll.


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