Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #241: Strawberry Shortcake

  Imagine all the dolls I have,and today I was at a loss as to what doll to post! In the end I grabbed this girl before the light was gone.

Here she is wondering why the wild,inedible strawberries at her feet run rampant, when all the edible ones I PAID for died.

Obviously she's Strawberry Shortcake. But thee are a million! Which one is she?

She was made by Hasbro in 2008.

She's 11" tall.

Her dress closes in the back with Velcro.

The shoes are molded and painted on,as are her leggings.  

I never cared much for the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls,made by Kenner.But I have liked most of the different Strawberry doll produced in recent years.

 I have several of the 7" Playmates dolls and a 16" one, as well as a bunch of the tiny Hasbro dolls with rubber dresses.

I really like the faces on these dolls,even if the sickly strawberry smell is annoying.

Her long red hair is pretty silky. I think even kids could keep it from getting too nasty and knotted.

Let's see what doll I come up with for you tomorrow. I have plenty to choose from,it's just the deciding that drives me crazy.There's always something:I don't know where that one is,I can't find the clothes for that one, that one needs cleaned up first, I can't find the (insert item here) that goes with that one. You have no idea how many dolls are in my drafts that have one or more of these things holding their post back!

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