Monday, August 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #225: Quik Bunny,Tutter,Melody,Alice,Lucy,Linus, and Yard Sale Goodies

  First of all, please pardon the crappiness of my back steps,where I took these pictures before taking my haul inside! Yesterday I showed you some dolls I got this weekend. Here's the whole story.
  This weekend I went out with my list of yard sales,which included one that claimed to have 'some Barbie items'. As I kept trying to work my way toward the road that sale was on,(And we weren't perfectly clear which road that was, since it was one of those roads with two names,it's official numbered route name, and the name it is also known by,based on the two towns it runs between. It's not on the map under both names, so we had to kind of guess.),I kept getting sidetracked by other sales. Ken kept reminding me of what I might be missing. I assured him it was most probably nothing, but I'd get there. Then I recounted the time I had a sale on my list that claimed to have Barbies,and I almost didn't worry about going. I kept thinking, "Oh, it's probably just naked modern Barbies again." I started to go from one sale to a church sale,and then realized I was close to the 'Barbie sale' and went there since I was already almost there. When I got there the lady had a table full of vintage Barbie and friends dolls,some in their original boxes, and some Barbie and Francie clothes. (You can read the whole story HERE.)
  So I wasn't too worried about getting there quickly when I was doing pretty well at the other sales. I bought some good stuff. Like this:

10 cents a pair. I was spotted there by one of Ivy's best friends. It was her grama's house. I didn't spot her though.

At another sale I got this vintage Quik Bunny doll.

He's actually the third size I have the Quik Bunny in now. He's the medium sized one.Unsentimental Niece had a Quik Bunny when she was a kid, and I always coveted it.
 At another sale I got this Tutter, from Bear in the Big Blue House.

Gotta love Muppets of any kind. When Emma was little we were on vacation and stopped at a place where she saw a Beanie sized Tutter. She didn't buy it because she couldn't stand to spend the money, and then cried for ages.I think we turned back!
I got another old children's book at one sale.

I love the illustrations in these old books.
At one sale I got these miniature Hallmark ornaments. They'll be great for 1/6 scale scenes,or even 1/12 scale.The little loops for the hooks screw out by the way,so they look more realistic.

To show you how tiny they are,that's me holding the yellow one with finger and thumb.

I went to a sale run by the family of Ivy's Kindergarten best friend. Ivy collects vintage sheet music from movies she likes,singers she likes,and songs she likes. I bought her a stack there. It contained one that might interest my readers. It's this one.

What came first,the song or the doll? The sheet music is dated 1919.
I got this game there too. I figured I could get Ivy to play it,since she will probably win. (She moved on to "Cheers" after I got her hooked on "Frasier".)

And I bought these HO scale people

Some of them are super tiny.

How tiny? That's a regular sized marble there amongst them.

And I got these peanuts character friction cars.

Made by Aviva.
 I thought it was weird that Lucy was driving her psychiatrist booth until I realized that that thing Linus is driving is probably his blanket.

I bought this set of Barbie furniture for $1 from the lady who owned it as a child in the 80's.

It's made by Multi-Toys and dated 1985.

I got something else from her we'll see for the next Shrunken Saturday.
  Did I ever make it to that sale that claimed it had 'Barbie items'? Well, yes,but not until nearly the end of the day. And did they really have any Barbie items? Yes they did. And some other good stuff too.Ken got some advertising signs and some cameras for his collection. I got the original Melody Kelly friend,and a spare Alice with a broken neck. I might use her Alice dress and customize somebody into an Alice. Besides, the shoes on my Alice are split.

I also got these little dishes,a pitcher, a vase,some animals. and some figures made in occupied Japan.

Oh,and a wooden churn.

But were there any vintage Barbie items? No vintage dolls,unfortunately. Maybe if I had gotten there earlier in the day! I did buy two small bags of doll clothes and a small bag of doll accessories for $2 a bag. They were mostly modern items, but between them all I found these goodies.

This bunch of various sized doll clothes.Most of them are homemade, but well done.
The pink dress is not homemade. Anybody recognize it?

It's bigger than Barbie size.
 I got these nice homemade knitted clothes.

But were there any Barbie things?!Hmmm....Ok! Yes! Out of all the bags I ended up with these few items.

Julia's skirt from Leather Weather and her Brr Fur coat,some Barbie clothes,Ken's beach jacket,the hat from Tutti's Puddle Jumpers,Newborn Thumbelina's shirt,Rock Flowers doll Lilac's dress on the right, an 80's Barbie dress on the left,and that brown leatherette vest and skirt,top,middle.

They're Maddie Mod's skirt and vest. Now that I look it up I see that I got the yellow boots too.

There was also one vintage 'Barbie' scroll hanger and a bunch of unnamed ones,a bunch of vintage Barbie and Ken shoes, mostly singles,a mod era X stand,Calamity Jiddle Kiddle's jacket,the purse to Julia's Leather Weather.a couple of purses that may or may not be vintage, a big mitt that's silver on one side(?),a pair of red vintage doll shoes,and a little checked purple jacket.

Anybody know who it goes to?

So did I learn my lesson?Will I go to sales listing "Barbie items' first next time? Probably not!
See you tomorrow for another doll.

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