Sunday, August 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #239: Hong Kong Barbie Clone and This Week's Yard Sale Stuff

  The troll I showed you yesterday was part of Friday's yard sale haul. Here's the stuff that's of interest:

Monsters Inc light up Sulley,a Liv doll,a Barbie clone,Raggedy Ann box,Wizard of Oz album,Vintage Christmas ornaments, an Enesco lady,yesterday's troll,a tiny tubular fellow,a Bitty Baby,and a farm house.
This little guy is cute. He definitely doesn't pass today's criteria for non-choking hazard toys though. Does anybody recognize him?

I thought I'd done well, getting this Bitty Baby for $1.

She has a nice face and good hair, her body is clean. The only thing is, she has a chewed hand, which is bad, and a damaged foot, which isn't quite as obvious.
This is a really pretty Liv doll,fully dressed and with her wig.

She has purpley eye shadow, which I didn't have on the other Livs I 've found in these clothes.

The little house is from a New Ray Deluxe Farm Playset.

It doesn't have a floor in the upstairs area, and none of the doors open.Cute though.I paid 75 cents, and one sold online as a G scale house for model railroads,for $35!
The box is a Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann box from 1964.

Today's doll is the Barbie clone.

She's 11 1/2" tall,like a real Barbie. I would bet this is her original bathing suit.
She's marked only Made in Hong Kong. She looks very much like the Cragstan Fashion Model doll.

She has the style of eye make up similar to the original Barbie faces...

...but she has long, straight hair with bangs,like the later Mod Era Barbies.

She's made of a cheap.thin,hollow plastic,with simple joints.Her head is on a ball joint though,so it can tilt.

You may have seen my past posts on Barbie clone dolls. If not you can see them HERE,HERE, and HERE.
Tomorrow is another doll. See you then.


  1. Awesome finds! That Bitty Baby twin is so cute! I also love the Liv doll...she looks like an early Sophie as the first releases had those electric blue eyes I think. :-)

    1. Thanks for the Liv info. The Bitty Baby is especially pretty. Shame about her hand and foot. I wish I had noticed that before I bought her.


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