Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #227:Chad From High School Musical 3

  Today we're looking at this guy.

His name is Chad.

He's from the High School Musical series of dolls. As far as I can tell, he's the Chad from High School Musical 3. He would have originally come in a graduation cap and gown,as well as clothes. These are not his original clothes.
The first Chad had the Steven face,and the second didn't have the two tone hair.

This guy has a different face all his own.

And his hair is a mix of red and brown.

I love his hair!

He's shorter than the regular Ken sized dolls.

He also has jointed elbows.

With his unique face and size, he adds some variety to a collection, dioramas,etc.

Tomorrow is Ivy's last day of summer vacation. (Cue the sad music.) She really hates going back to school,but the good news is, she gets to do more ceramics, which she was really enjoying, and very good at,last year. The other good news is, she will only have to go about half a day, as she has pretty much taken everything she needs to,or can take. She started taking high school courses in middle school,and college courses in high school,so she has it all covered. With tomorrow being her last vacation day I will do a quick post. I still need to show you the doll I got last Friday,but I wanted to show her to you in all her glory, and she needed a trip to the spa first. We'll see her in a couple of days. 

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