Friday, August 25, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #237: Madame Alexander Story Land Alice

 Yesterday we saw  the Madame Alexander China Travel Friend. Today we're taking a look at another Travel Friend. This one is from the Story Land line. There were quite a few dolls in the line. And which one would I pick? Alice, of course.

I got them both at Tuesday Morning. It was a while back that I bought the China doll. They still have some of that series though, and they are still $7.99. They only had a few of the Story Land dolls,which are $4.99 there. Luckily,Alice was one of the few they had.

As those of you who read this blog very much may know,I collect Alice things:different versions of the books, and dolls mostly.

I had seen this Alice on the Madame Alexander website,but she's much more expensive on there, and I didn't want to pay that much. For that reason, I hadn't bought one until I found this Alice at Tuesday Morning two or three weeks ago.

You may have seen my kitty before, hanging out with my Ashton Drake Alice by Diana Effner. If not, you can see them HERE.

The Travel Friends Alice had her hair a bit messed up straight out of the box.

And speaking of the box, getting her out of that thing was a challenge! While the China doll was easy to get out,(I just had to untape the box flap and pull out the insert.),Alice was a huge pain. The insert was taped to the inside of the box. I had to demolish the box to get it out. Once the insert was out there was more stuff holding Alice in her insert too.Once I got her loose she still had this thing attached to her neck.

It was only held on with a twisty thing though, so it wasn't too difficult to remove.
Alice has the same face and body as all the other Travel dolls,with the same jointing.

She has a black head band on, which became known as an 'Alice band' after Sir John Tenniel's illustrations in the first "Alice in Wonderland" book depicted Alice wearing one.

She's very pretty. The face is the same, but the face paint is heavier on the Story Land doll than on the Travel Friends.

Alice's dress closes in back with Velcro.

The apron ties in back, but it's not really a separate piece,even though it looks like it is.

She has bare legs and black slip on shoes. They're just like the shoes on the Travel Friends.

Like the Travel Friends,Alice has jointed elbows and hinged shoulders.

She also has the same jointed knees and hips, that allow her legs to move sideways a bit,although I think maybe her leg joints are slightly better than the Travel Friends dolls.

Look how long her hair is!

She managed to balance in this pose all by herself.

She does need support for these walking poses though.

Also like the Travel Friends, Alice is 7" tall.

My cat was bought online from an artist who had never made an animal before, although she was a very talented artist who repainted Monster High dolls,and even made a great large animal for one of her Monster High repaints to ride.(My cat must have been made before, but sold after. Or maybe the Monster High creature didn't count because it was a fantasy animal. In any case, I love this cat, and I wish I could find her name. I'd love to give her credit. She doesn't seem to sell her repaints any more.

She said she probably would never make another animal,because the cat didn't sell the first time she offered him for sale,and in the end he sold for 99 cents! The postage changed from 'free' to $10 after I bid,but I didn't mind, because she deserved way more that 99 cents for this guy.

I think the packaging on the Story Land dolls is worse than the Travel Friends. I may be mistaken, or it may just be this particular doll,but i think the articulation has improved at least a little since the international Friends.

I do think that $4.99, or even the $7.99 the international dolls are priced at at Tuesday Morning is a much more appropriate price than the much higher prices charged by the Madame Alexander website,or even toys R Us back when they carried the Travel dolls.

Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday. See you then.

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