Friday, January 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 10: Corrine Wanna Be Uneeda Clover Doll

  Today's doll is this girl.

  She's 15" tall.This is obviously her original outfit.

**UPDATE: I think I found out who she is. I found this picture online of a boxed doll that appears to be like her.

That would make her 'Clover' by Uneeda,made in 1973.**
She's an obvious copy of  an Italian doll named Corrine, made by Italocremona around 1965-67. She's pretty indistinguishable from Corrine other than her lack of Italocremona markings and a slightly lower quality. I've had a Corrine, (I got them both at the Auction of Italian Dolls I keep talking about.), and the difference is very slight.This doll has some fading of her vinyl,mostly her left hand, and her face.It's more obvious on her face, where her colouring is mottled.

I'm thinking of using some make up on her face to even her out. I don't actually own any foundation make up though, and I'm too cheap to buy it just for her.

  She's pretty in spite of her flaws. I love the slight blue shading above her eyes.

She has inset eyes and 'real' lashes. Her eyes aren't sleep eyes.She has delicate hands and one bent knee.
You have to love her Mod outfit.


Her hair is long and fluffy, and a very pretty shade of red. I really want to say 'orange ' here. I have red hair, and so do Fuzz and Ivy. When Fuzz was very tiny and learning his colours, it really confused him when people commented on his 'red' hair. It's orange really, so we took to calling it orange. Fuzz and Ivy still balk at the phrase 'red hair'. They insist on calling it orange.
  Until tomorrow's doll...

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