Saturday, January 18, 2014

Doll-A-Day 18: Skipper Saturday's Twist and Turn Skipper

  I have decided to make Saturdays "Skipper Saturday". I have enough Skippers in my collection to do one every week for a while, so I'm going with it. Skippers are the largest collection in my collection. It all stemmed from deciding at one point that I wanted 'a' Skipper. Well, you know how that goes!I never had one as a kid, but I've made up for that.
  So today's doll is this red haired Twist and Turn Skipper.

Her outfit is Lots of Lace.Sorry about that missing shoe. Really sorry!
This style of Skipper was produced in 1968. She still had her long, straight hair with bangs.

Previously Skipper had a grayish skin tone. (It's called tan, but let's be honest. It was kind of gray.)She also had legs made of hard, straight plastic.Now she had a beautiful, more alive looking pink skin tone.

This particular TNT Skipper has paled a bit, a common problem with Mod Era Barbie and family dolls.

And now Skipper had rooted eyelashes.

 Her legs now bent at the knee, making her more able to be posed in interesting ways.For one thing, she could now sit in a more lady like (and human like!) fashion, athough she couldn't cross her legs like Barbie.

She could look more active.

Ok. Now you're just showing off.

She turned slightly at the waist too. (Which I forgot to show you!)

  Twist and Turn Skipper came in blonde, brown, and red hair.There is variety in the shades of the hair colours.The face paint too is always a little different. As I have told Ken, no two Skippers are the same. That's why I have to have so many. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your Skippers. I only have a couple of Skippers.

  2. Well thanks Vanessa. I'm looking forward to sharing them. Hey, did you notice we both had dolls that were 'showing off' yesterday? What are the odds?


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