Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doll-A-Day 23: Pressed Cloth Face Boy

  Today's doll is this cute little boy.

 He's a 'Travel Doll', which were dolls made to depict different nationalities, and were often sold as souvenirs.I'm not sure what nationality he is supposed to be. Italian maybe?He stands just 8 1/2" tall to the top of his hat. He has a pressed cloth face,with felt hair and ears.

His hat is felt, as are his collar, vest,belt/sash,boots, and the flowers he holds in his hand. (The flowers on his hat are a mixture of other fabrics.)

He has a cute, hand painted face which looks a little wary.

His boots have little tassels on them!

His hands are pressed cloth as well. Probably cotton.

My favourite part is his felt hair! I love the shape of it!

I was lucky enough to get this little guy in the $5 box that contained the beautiful cloth lady doll I showed you last  Friday on Day 17.
 This post is a little late, due to our internet being out for a while this evening, and other unforeseen circumstances! I have posted a photo story today too, so please have a look, and I'll see you tomorrow with another doll.


  1. Dear Tam!

    He is also a Hungarian boy, maybe the traditional clothes named 'kalotaszegi'.
    Reminds me of these:

    I think he is a groomsman from a traditional Hungarian wedding from the area of Kalotaszeg.
    Best regards!

    1. Thanks so much for your information!


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