Friday, January 17, 2014

Doll-A-Day 17: Embroidered Cloth Doll

  This is the pretty cloth doll I got at the auction on Wednesday.

  She was in a box of cloth faced and felt faced travel, or souvenier dolls. I love travel dolls, and had bid on several boxes of them. For some reason,at this particular auction, other people decided they loved them too, which isn't always the case. So I didn't get the others I bid on because I just didn't want to spend that much money when there were other things coming up that I really wanted. But this box I was willing to go a little higher on because I had to have this cloth doll. Luckily,and amazingly, nobody bid against me and I got the box for $5! It may have been because a couple of the travel dolls weren't in the best condition. Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I got this lady. She's so pretty.
Lots of detail, including the tiny 'buttons' on her blouse,her little bead necklace, her individual fingers, and her embroidered hanky.

Such realistic expression on a cloth face.
 Her face is hand painted. She has such nice colouring, and I like her hair.

 It's red! (While I never liked my red hair, I love it on dolls.)

I love all the embroidery on her clothes.
She's jointed at the hips, so she can sit down. She has obviously been displayed that way, because her skirt tends to stand straight up behind her head!

 She also has on the coziest looking stockings.

Here is her tag. I can't read what it says. If anybody knows who made her or can at least read it, I'd love to hear from you. 


  1. I saw a doll similar to this one when I was younger! I think the dolls are handmade in the Ukraine or Russia, the tag on the doll I saw had writing like that. The doll I saw had brown wool hair though, and a tiny basket full of fruit!

    1. Thanks for the information.Where did you see that doll? I saw a doll on Ebay once that was obviously this doll's relative. It had the same tights, only in white, the same shoes, and a similar embroidered dress with an apron. Se had brown hair, and while she wasn't holding anything, her hands looked like she might have been originally. If they were souvenier dolls, they are very well made ones. Works of art, really.

  2. In Switzerland in a thrift shop! I still regret not buying her, she was very lovely.

  3. Dear Tam!

    It is me again (I wrote a message already to Your 5th January 2014 post)!
    She is a Hungarian doll! The label os her says:
    baba = doll
    35 cm (her height)
    260 Ft (that means 260 HUF - our currency)

    She is a doll from Kalocsa (a town in Hungary), her traditional dress named 'kalocsai'. Like her:

    I am so happy because I can help You identify all of Your Hungarian dolls if You like and have some more :)

    Best regards!
    P.S.: You can write me here: lifeinrosemaryhill @ gmail (dot) com

    1. Thanks so much! I love this doll. I saw one like her on Ebay once, but the seller didn't know anything about theirs either. Are the cloth faced ones a special type? Is there a particular artist that makes them> The one I saw on Ebay was not identical to mine, but so obviously made by the same person or company. Like a sister with different colour hair and similar clothing.(Even the spotted stockings.)

    2. Dear Tam!

      My mother watched these dolls and said she had a similar one in her childhood. This lady is a young married woman, because of her bonnet, if she would be an unmarried young girl, she would have a bow in her hair. If she would be an older woman, she would have darker colours on her outfit, and dark blue/purple flowers on it. The fact, that she has 'kalocsai' style, comes from her kind of flowers (every landscape has different in our country), the style of her bonnet and tipically her slippers.
      My mother said her head is from papier mache (it could be fragile, my mother unfortunately dropped her doll and the nose dented). I can't see on the picture if she has clothes on her head, it is pressed onto the papier mache. The painting is from a special paint or varnish.

      Best regards!


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