Thursday, January 23, 2014

The World Kids Go Sledding: A Snowy Photo Story

  We haven't seen the World family for a while. I had several stories in mind for Halloween and Christmas, but I just didn't have time. I've finally managed to get a story done! Here we join the World kids as they are sledding with some friends and their cousin Angie.
  Harry Rettop doesn't like the 'girly' sled he and his sister Heidi have brought. He wants to use the World's Flexible Flyer. Tammy and Simon make a deal with him.

Simon: "Ok Harry, remember, after this you have to take Gareth down." Harry: "I know.I don't know why you guys won't take him.He's a good little guy." 

Tammy and Simon exchange knowing looks.

Tammy gives Harry a push and he speeds down the hill.
Harry is true to his word, and in no time he is back up the hill and ready to go with Gareth.

Harry: "Ok Gareth. Here we go!" Gareth: "I'm not afraid. Go fast!"

Gareth: "Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Unfortunately, Gareth overestimates himself and he's all screams and flailing arms all the way down. Now Harry realizes why he was bribed to take Gareth.

It's a long walk back up the hill, especially when your legs are shaking!
Marcie: "Maria! Let me back on!"  Maria: "I can't stop!"
Tammy's best friend Maria Campesino and her little sister Marcie don't mind the Rettop's sled. They've borrowed it, but Marcie is getting left behind.
  When Harry gets the sled back to the top it's Todd's turn.He kind of plows in at the bottom,and then heads right back up the hill.

But Anne was waiting at the bottom for the sled.
Anne: "Todd! Wait! It's my turn!" Todd: "I messed up! I get to do it again!"

"No you don't Toad! I'm telling!!"
Meanwhile, Marcie has gone to build snowmen with Betsy and Rosie World. 
Looks like Marcie and Betsy are nearly finished.

Rosie: "Hey, I'm done. Look at mine." Betsy: "What is it?"

Rosie:"It's a cat!"

Marcie: "That doesn't look like a cat."  Rosie: "Yeah it does. Look. It gots ears!"
Back with the sledders, Jo has managed to find the lowest hill available.
The wind is picking up and Simon is taking his turn on the big hill.

Tammy and Maria wander over to see what the little guys are up to.
Tammy: "Hey guys. Nice snowman. Who made the rabbit? Marcie: "Rosie did."
Rosie: "It's a cat!"
Jo has been talked into trying the big hill. Jo: "Ehhh! It looks scary!" Cousin Angie:"Come on Jo. It'll be fun. I won't let you get hurt." Heidi Rettop: "Look Jo. Even I'm going."
In the end Jo changes her mind and goes off to make a snowman, and Heidi and Angie sled without her.
At the bottom of the hill Heidi and Angie find Todd and Tammy waiting for them.

Tammy: "Hey, will one of you guys race me? Heidi: "I will!"
Angie: "You can race her. I'm frozen. I'm going back to Aunt Dolly's house."

After a pretty rough test run the girls prepare for the real thing. An audience has gathered. Harry is going to call 'Go'.
Harry: "Get ready!
Tammy: "I'm going to wipe the....uh...hill with you! Heidi; "If you don't just wipe out!" Harry: "Get set!"
Harry: "Go!" And they're off!

Tammy gets a good start.

Heidi is right on her tail, and then, she wipes out.

And Tammy wins the race!

 Everybody heads back to the World's house for cocoa and cookies. They just hope Angie hasn't eaten them all already!

  Back story: That 'Flexible Flyer' sled REALLY works. I tried to get some 'motion' shots by placing the sled halfway down the 'hill', (which was the back window of my car!), but after I got it in place, it slid down before I could pick up the camera!
  These pictures were taken on two different days a couple of weeks apart at least. The first time I started in the late afternoon, and it was so cold I didn't take more than a few pictures. The next time I started around noon---the warmest part of the day, right? It wasn't too cold when I started, and there was very light, if any snow coming down. As you may be able to tell from some of the pictures, it began to snow heavier, and heavier... My camera began to fog up.I wasn't out very long, but by the time I quit it it was freezing cold and the snow was coming down in clumps, not flakes! I had brought the dolls out in a plastic laundry basket, both as a means of carrying them,and keep them out of the snow. By the end the snow was coming down so hard they were getting covered in the laundry basket...and out of it... I was determined to finish my story, especially since I'd had the other  pictures sitting around for a while already.I finally quit and brought everybody in. I thought. They were all soaked, so I had to strip them all of their hats, coats, and gloves and spread it all out on the table to dry. It wasn't until about a week later, just a couple of nights ago, that Ivy found poor Angie outside in the snow! Apparently she had gotten buried by the falling snow as I was gathering everything up and I completely missed her! It was falling THAT heavily.When Ivy brought her in her hair was frozen solid, her hood was a solid lump full of ice, and all her joints, (Knees and ankles. She's a Gymnast Stacie friend Whitney.), were frozen solid. Ivy thawed her in a warm bath and made me put her in a warm nighty!


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    1. Thanks so much! Readers might want to check out your stories too,(That's a suggestion!), especially if they love Sylvanian Families.


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