Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 7:Frank Sinatra, The continuing story of the MIllion Crissy Dolls, plus, What I Bought on my Christmas Vacation

  Remember ALL 52 of those Crissy and family dolls I saw at Goodwill? Well I was there on New Year's eve, (Yes. I live THAT exciting a life.) and they were ALL gone.The counter person said once people started buying them they were buying several at a time. Emma went to Salvation Army a couple of days ago and they still had a shelf full. She found one that was definitely NOT there when I was there, so I guess they put more out after I was there.
  After Christmas Ken and I went to a couple of different Walgreens and between the two trips we got these cool little lamp posts for $2.50 each.
My kind of town, Chicago is...

  They light up. They're a little short for 1/6 scale, but not too bad.  One of the tops is crooked, but I'm afraid I'd ruin it if I tried to detach it and glue it back on the right way.Ivy hates them because she thinks they look awful.
A hat's not a hat, 'til it's tilted...You've either got or you haven't got....style

  I think they could look a lot better, but they'll look ok from a distance or in photos.
  I don't like the molded in wreath. It looks fake, and also, it doesn't give you the option of NOT having a wreath, so you could use it for non holiday pictures.I plan to cover it with real (fake) greenery and maybe put a cloth bow on it. I don't know of any way to completely disguise the wreath, and it's molded in, so you can't even try to break it off.
  And that brings us to today's Doll-A-Day.Today is Frank Sinatra.

  This is Frank,The Recording Years, produced by Mattel in 2000. (There is also a Barbie Loves Frankie Sinatra set, with a younger version of Frank.)He came with a plastic music stand and some sheet music, but unfortunately his microphone was only cardboard. I never liked Frank Sinatra. (My kids like Frank Sinatra!)  Admittedly, I grew up in the era of middle aged and older Frank, when, in my opinion, his voice wasn't as strong as it had been when he was young.(My kids were introduced to Frank through the old MGM movies of the 40's, so they came in on the better stuff.) But I love a doll of a real person that really looks like them, so I had to have this Frank. The likeness is excellent.

Who put all this lipstick on me?! Somebody's gonna pay for this!
...and did it myyyyy waaay

His suit is beautifully done.
Tiny pin stripes.

  The shirt isn't removeable unless you cut it off though, so you can't use the suit on anybody else, unless you don't mind if the shirt isn't as form fitting.It's sewn shut and has a strap through the crotch to keep it tucked in and smooth. Frank has the same jointed body as the 40th anniversary Ken,some later Ken princes,and Lord of the Rings Legolas, to name a few. The body is fairly thin, and has jointed knees and elbows, a jointed waist, and the legs give at the hips so they can move outward as well as back and forth. You can see this best in the first picture.It allows Frank to be posed in some of his singing poses.He can  also do this pose...
Strangers in the night...scooby dooby doo...

I've got you under my skin
When the kids were little we did play with him a bit. He appeared at Emma's doll concerts I believe, and I know he made a cameo in a doll movie she made as a kid.By the way, that's Frank's hat, but not his trench coat.

He borrowed that from a doll we'll find out more about tomorrow.  

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