Saturday, January 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 11: Sausage Curl Skipper

  Day 11 brings us to the Skipper of the Week. This is a sausage curl Skipper.
Sausage curl Skipper in 1971's Dressed in Velvet dress, hat, and coat, and tights from Velvet Blush.
  Sausage curl Skippers are so called for their Cindy Brady style curls. They also have little side curls in front of their ears.Skipper dolls were already being made with a twist and turn waist,rooted eyelashes,and the mod era pink vinyl, but until the sausage curl dolls appeared in 1969,they still had the same straight hair style with bangs.This was the first Skipper doll to have a new hairstyle.
 Some of the sausage curl Skippers are cursed with skinny heads and shiny orangy 'skin'. This one is not too skinny headed.
 There's a big similarity between the faces of the Sausage Curls and Living Skipper, which we saw last week. They have alot of the same flaws, like the shiny, orangey faces,but the sausage girls are usually prettier.
 Her lips are nicely done.

  This doll needs her right 'sausage' recurled.Fortunately for me, (I don't do hair do's!), they recurl pretty easily.

She's all set for winter in this outfit.

Good thing because it's been about a million below zero around here lately.

Just a tip for those of you who have or get this outfit: It shrinks like crazy. The pink also runs onto the white. I had to wash both my dress, and my friend Connie's dress and coat. They came up nice and clean after a soak in Stain Devils, but you have to use HOT water with the Stain Devils. It caused the pink from the coat to run onto the collar fur. (Now I have to use Color Run Remover.)The dress survived nice and white, but I think it shrunk.Either that or it was made so form fitting you could barely get it on a doll in the first place.
If you HAVE to wash this outfit, use COLD water! And just to make sure, hang the dress upright so the pink drains AWAY from the bodice. As for the coat,hang it with the collar up so the water drains AWAY from the fur.

  I got my dress from Emma. She had the dress, and I had the coat and THREE hats! I traded her a couple of hats for the dress.YES, she made her OWN MOMMY TRADE for the dress. (I keep telling her, this stuff makes great Christmas and birthday gifts.)

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