Thursday, January 16, 2014

Doll-A-Day 16 and Some Auction Scores

  Today's doll is this girl.

She is a Littlest Rebel Shirley Temple doll by Danbury Mint.

 She stands approximately 11" tall. The costume is from the movie called, (what else?),The Littlest Rebel, which was made in 1935.

   Her outfit is nicely detailed, right down to her little boots.She was part of my purchases at yesterday's 'Treasure Hunt' doll auction.
  It was quite a day for Shirley Temple dolls. There were scads of them. Not many people were bidding on them either, which was good for me. Most of the bids on them came from me and another lady who was my biggest competition, and occasionally someone else.Biggest Competition and I got both Danbury Mint Dress Up doll trunks full of  movie costumes for the 18" Dress Up doll.Between us we got almost all of the costumes.Some of the costume bits were scattered between the trunks. I suggested we trade the bits so we both had full outfits, but she just gave me whatever she had that I was missing instead of asking for some of the stuff that I had for herself. That was awfully nice of her. I got the doll when it first came out around 1995,but I only had 3 costumes for her.
   Besides the trunk I got four Shirley toddler dolls by Danbury Mint.They're all bisque, which normally I can't stand the feel of.But this bisque is so smooth it feels like a really good quality vinyl.
  This First Vacation Shirley is without her coat and hat, which are drip drying after a wash, and her lei,which I forgot to put back on her when I took her coat and hat off.Other than the soiling to her hat and coat she is perfect, and they look great after their wash and a soak in Stain Devils #8.(I swear Stain Devils should pay me for all the recommendations I give them!)
She even still had the plastic clips on her dress to keep the pleats in.

Then there is this Bathing Beauty Shirley and her beach ball.
Please excuse my rubber band, but I'm having a little trouble holding this ball.

This My Friend Corky Shirley and her dog.
Corky could use a repaint.

This Little Miss Shirley Temple, which will be going away, since I already have this one.

And this Bright Eyes Shirley, (in the middle),which is missing her doll and big hat.

Corky Shirley seems to have appropriated Bathing Shirley's beach ball. Bathing Shirley is too busy gossiping with Bright Eyes and First Vacation to care. By the way,what would you call this? A 'gaggle' of Shirleys? A 'pod'? A 'flock'?
None of them have any papers or boxes, and only one has a tag, but since the boxes of two dolls each cost me $5 a box, I'm not going to complain!
  Emma went with me and bid on a few things, but didn't win any. I also got several Wee Patsy's,and a box full of souvenier or travel dolls, plus one really beautiful doll with embroidered clothes, which I'll show you tomorrow. Until then...


  1. My zMother was born in September 1927. SHe was the hugest Shirley-Temple-fan since she could remember, and she was very sad that when the Nazis took over, she never could see a Shirley Temple-film again. Before that the films were shown in the neighborhouse (the village had no cinema). She even sent my sister to my school on an evening when all parents had to meet the teachers, when I was fourteen or so, because Shirley Temple was shown in tv, and she did not want to miss it! :D
    SHe always said is was strange that the dolls did not at all look like Shirley Temple, but the german Schildkröt-Inge, which never was called together with SHirley, did.
    They dolls you show do not very much resemble SHirley Temple, too. The most the little one in the bathing costume does. But they are sweet. I never knew about them, and I never knew they made so many at one company. I would have thought, they only would have sold different clothings. But the hands are all different, so really they made this huge experience and sold different dolls for one celebrity.
    I wished my Mama would still have seen the internet. I wished I could have bought her such dolls, too, and show her the films and all the pictures.

    1. My mom was an original Shirley fan too. I think very few Shirley Temple dolls actually look like her. Some of the ones above even look more like her from certain angles and not others.
      I still see things I would have liked to share with my mom. I think of places that I would like to be able to take her, and she's been gone for almost 30 years.


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