Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 14: A Doll of My Own Making:Tiny Red Haired Girl

  Today I thought I'd do a doll I made. The reasons are: because I already have the pictures taken , and...why not?! So here she is.

This picture is actually way bigger than life size.
  I made this little (and I DO mean 'little') lady little over a year ago. She was for a customer who had already bought some dolls from me.
See? She measures just about an inch tall.
She ordered 5 or 6 more dolls, all different: a ballerina, a fairy, a boy,a pink princess,and one of my 1 inch tall dolls. I specially made all the dolls to fit her specifications.Unfortunately, the lady then had a bunch of problems and kept putting off payment. Then I just didn't hear from her again. Almost a year later, which was last fall, she contacted me to see if she could still buy them. I said sure and we set a date for payment, but again, she put it off a couple of times.Then I never heard from her again. So her dolls went up for sale at the fall miniature show and the October doll show. They're still here as yet, but I'll be putting them for sale online soon.

  She has a wire armature so her legs and arms can, in theory, be bent. But they are so tiny, it will take some effort.She can sit down too, again, in theory. It works, but her tiny dress makes her pop up again since she doesn't weigh enough to hold it down. If you glued her dress to her bottom in a sitting position, she would stay sat down.

  She has red mohair hair with a red bow in in.

Her dress is made of a cotton blend fabric.

Her shoes are red satin. Her head is wooden and painted and sealed with non yellowing glaze.
  See you tomorrow!

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