Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 29: Brunette Hair Fair Barbie

  Today's doll is technically just a head, but hey, it's already over an hour late to even be  doll 29. So don't complain!

Brunette Hair Fair Barbie head on a Twist and Turn body, wearing the Floating Gardens I got this summer, (mentioned in Fantastic Finds of the Week, from August 6th, 2013).

  Hair Fair Barbie was produced between 1966 and 1970.The package contained a blonde or brunette Barbie head, various combs and brush type things,some hair pieces, a wig, and a 'wiglet', which was a hunk of hair you stuck on top of the dolls head to make it look like she had a piled up hairdo.

  No body was included. You were expected to rip the head off the body you already owned,(and do what with it?!), and stick the new head on your possibly already worn out body. Well, I guess it was good for kids who had chopped all their doll's hair off and wanted a fresh start. In that case it was perfect, because these kids  were obviously into hair play and would appreciate the wigs and hair lumps.

  I love the Hair Fair heads. They're beautiful 'dolls'.

They have rooted eyelashes, and in the case of this girl, bright blush and very nice lips.

Barbie Bazaar once did an article on Barbie's dressed to resemble 50's and 60's actresses. Brunette Hair Fair 'played' Batman's Bat Girl, (commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara),actress Yvonne Craig. So now that's who I always see the doll as. She really looks like her, especially when I can get that side curl going..

  I have a couple of blondes too, but this brunette girl is my favourite.


  1. Absolutely COOL! I always love to compare older Barbies to actresses / movie characters.

    Did you know that the blonde Hair Fair will be reproduced THIS YEAR? I know what I want for Christmas! :)

    1. I hadn't heard that! Will it be available with a body or just a head? I'll have to check that out.

  2. It arrives on a body, with a cool outfit and a wig wardrobe! :)

    1. She sounds wonderful. I'm looking online right now!


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