Monday, January 6, 2014

Just regular stuff...

  Just a regular post too.
  I hope everyone is keeping warm and taking care of their pets. It's so cold here, below zero temperatures,with the temperature expected to continue to drop.School was cancelled for today early last night, and for tomorrow this morning, because of the expected cold temperatures.Please remember that your pets need to be sheltered in such cold weather.
Purdey, our nearly 18 year old cat, playing video games with Fuzz.

 Our cat Purdey has spent the last few winters inside.She's almost 18. so I decided a few years ago that she was too old to brave the winters on our enclosed, but unheated, porch.Ivy insisted our other cat,Mow, come in too, when it was really still warm enough for him on our enclosed porch.
Mow lounges on Ivy's bed.And yes, Ivy is a big Lena Horne fan.

Once in, he stays in because he's not used to the cold any more. He would definitely be coming in when it gets as cold as it has been lately.anyway.And no, they aren't in a cage all the time, only when no one can keep an eye on them, and at night. They had a much bigger cage until we got Jerome, our rabbit.

He usurped the cage until he gets a bigger one.Everybody needs a cage upgrade!
  If you can't have them in your house, please at least provide them with shelter in a garage or barn.Don't leave short haired or very small dogs to brave this super cold weather outside, even in a dog house.The cold can be too much for them.
  And while I'm on the subject of pets, Irving laid a SECOND egg the other day.

 The kids think I should get her a husband. What would I do with MORE parakeets?!


  1. Why is every picture of Irving adorable?

  2. Oh and I've been spelling Purdey wrong for my whole life.

    1. She says you can spell it either way.


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