Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Doll-A-Day 1: Compo Baby

                                                              Happy New Year!

   I have been considering doing a "Doll-a-Day", and posting a picture of a different doll in my collection every day in 2014. Today it suddenly occurred to me that if I'm starting that with the new year, today is the day! (Miss today and wait another whole year.) I figured it wouldn't actually be as time consuming as it might sound, considering I can do a bunch of posts as far as drafts when I have time, and just post them each day. It'll be interesting to look at them all at the end of the year. Also, it'll be a nice (start) to a cataloging of my collection.
  So here to start is our own Baby New Year.

  This sweet baby is quite old. I got her from a garage sale. She belonged to an elderly lady who was having the sale with her middle aged daughter. I bought several of the lady's dolls, but not this baby. I thought about her over the next year, thinking how I should have bought her. She's so cute.

The next summer her daughter had another sale and I happened  across it. There were more dolls, but not this baby. I told the daughter, (Mom wasn't there that day), how I wished I had bought this doll, and did her mother still have it? She called her mom, who instantly knew which doll I meant from my description. Yes, she still had the baby, sitting in her bedroom. Her daughter said she would bring her over to her sale the next day for me.So I came back the next day and picked her up.
  She has tin sleep eyes,what's left of her original real hair lashes, and four tiny teeth.

  She has a cloth body and compo arms, legs, and head, and in need of repair. Her toes are flaking, and the back of her head is coming up in HUGE flakes. She wears a bonnet all the time,and booties, so it doesn't show right now, but of course, it's advancing. I'd love to have her repaired while she can still be saved, but I can't afford to. I know you can do it yourself, but I'd be afraid of ruining her.So for now, she is managing.

Maybe some day I can get her fixed.
  Fuzzy comments that, with her yellow eyes, this Baby New Year must have had too much to drink last night. But that bottle in her hand is the popper she has just popped. Not booze!

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