Monday, January 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 13: Pretty Pairs Angie

  Today's doll is Pretty Pairs Angie.

  Angie was part of a series of Tutti size dolls called Pretty Pairs, produced in 1970. The idea was to have a doll, with it's own doll. There were three dolls with their dolls in the series.Angie was paired with her doll Tangie.

Angie and Tangie in their package.
Well, I don't own Tangie. If anybody objects to the picture I borrowed from the internet, please tell me and I'll remove it. I wanted to illustrate Tangie and,pathetically enough, I don't know how to do a link! I'm working on it.
  The Tutti sized Buffy and Mrs. Beasley weren't actually Pretty Pairs dolls, but they could have been.

My poor childhood Buffy and Beasley. Not mint condition, but well loved.
The dolls in Pretty Pairs shared the bendy Tutti body, and I'm not so sure that's not the same head mold.
Buffy on the left, Tutti on the right. Same head, only painted differently? Maybe Tutti smiles a little more.

Angie definitely shares a head with Buffy.

They were advertised as being able to share clothes with Tutti. In fact, Angie's tights are the same ones that came with Tutti's Birthday Beauties fashion.
Tutti Birthday Beauties

 She also used the Tutti shoe mold for her shoes,but Tutti never had any hot pink shoes.Angie came in the one piece play dress, white fishnet tights, and hot pink bow flats. My Angie is missing her hot pink hair ribbon, but otherwise she's fully outfitted.
  She has a similar head to Liddle Kiddle Soapy Siddle, with a side ponytail and big blue eyes, (and again, the same head mold.).
Angie with Soapy Siddle and a Soapy head on a Doctor Doolittle body,otherwise known as the instant Tutti friend!

The easiest way to tell the faces apart are Angie's eyelashes, (Soapy doesn't have any.) and curly ponytail, (Soapy's is straight.)

  Pretty Pairs were only produced in 1970, so they are harder to find and more expensive than Tutti dolls. I got lucky with my Angie, as she was in an auction lot that didn't call her by name,(which might have attracted more attention) and she had some body damage and no tights. I rebodied her with an exact same body and replaced her tights. Voila! Nice Angie for less!


  1. I remember her from that huge catalogue we had borrowed from our toy shop, I wanted her ( and the other pretty pairs) so badly because of their small dolls, and of course I never got them.
    I even made own little dolls for my own dolls. Dolls are so dear to me, how could I let my own dolls without toys :)?

    I hope one day I will be rich and get them, and all the Little Kiddles and so on, too.
    You are blessed to be in the U.S., they are cheap there.

    Do you own that Tutti and Todd house, or did you borrow it? I hope it's yours, it is so so sweet :)

    1. Well, I wouldn't say they're cheap. Yes, that's my Tutti and Todd house. It has great colour,doesn't it?

  2. Angie and Buffy share a head mold with Chris, one of Tutti's buddies. I'm far too young to have ever owned these, but I remember seeing them in an old Barbie magazine. Your girls appear to be in great shape!


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