Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Doll-A-Day 98: LittleMissmatched Uptown Girl

  Yesterday was another dark rainy day, and slightly chilly. Today is bright and sunny though, with only the slightest hint of coolness. It was so nice out I even heard the hacking cough of my neighbor The Selfish Giant, coming from the other side of the Berlin Wall they call a fence, so she must be out, stirring, and plotting more trouble for me. I can hardly wait. My stomach hasn't been producing nearly enough acid lately...
  Today's doll is Tonner's LittleMissMatched.
She posed yesterday during a lull in the rain.

She's about 15" tall.

The whole idea of Littlemissmatched is that they have mismatched clothes.The only thing mismatched on the Uptown Girl though, is the size of the checks on her boots, and her socks.

She originally had three different patterned socks. I totally ruined that by finding an extra sock, purse, and coat at Goodwill and replacing her odd sock. I just like it better this way.

  When I first spotted these dolls at Toys R Us I loved them instantly. They had the same type of silly smiling faces as alot of the dolls I loved as a kid.
She has very elfin features, which I think are cute.

My favourite was, of course, Uptown Girl, because she has red hair.I like dolls with red hair, even if I never liked it on me.
Yes, I left the little plastic tie in her headband. I figured the headband would slide off without it, especially if her red hair is as slick as mine!

  They're also very articulated, which allows them to be posed in lots of fun ways.

This particular pose was a bit hard to get her to stay upright during, since she is basically standing on one foot and a toe,but with the right balancing and posing, she can stand on her own quite well.
You may have seen my doll before, in an old post.She was having trouble getting her boot back on after I changed that odd sock. I thought at the time it might be because the boot was soft from the hot weather, but I have heard of other people having trouble with them in any weather.

I have some extra clothes for her, since Tonner put out several different clothing packs. I haven't been brave enough to change her clothes yet though, since her belt is sewn to her clothes and only made of ribbon and I don't want to ruin it taking it off. I did clip the ties attaching her coat to her dress though. She might want to at least take her coat off, since she has that nice red dress on underneath.

   And about that red dress: Apparently LittleMissmatched didn't have a Home Ec teacher like I had. Mine  made an example of me in front of the whole class, while I was wearing a red shirt,explaining how red haired
people should never wear red.We were learning how to use a colour wheel to figure out what colours best suited us. Unfortunately, the colour wheel always assumes red haired people have a peachy skin tone, and blue or green eyes, and suggests they wear peach, tan, or green. I have a pink complexion and brown eyes,and always look nauseous in peach or tan. Plus,I grew up wearing whatever my brown haired, hazel eyed sister outgrew. Mom did not consult a colour wheel, only her budget. 
I'm wearing a red dress, and I don't care who knows it!

LittleMissmatched has exactly the same body as Tonner's more expensive Maudlynne Macabre.
Gotta go!
See you tomorrow.

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