Thursday, October 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 251: Bettina by Sebino

  Today's doll is one that truly qualifies as 'The One That Got Away'. She's Bettina.

 I had Bettina, but due to financial requirements at the time, I had to sell her. I have regretted it ever since.
Her vinyl has such a glowy, realistic skin tone.

She was such a beautiful doll that I had a hard time trimming down my photo selections for her auction listing! She was just so photogenic that they were all gorgeous.These are all I have left.

Bettina was made in Italy by Sebino.I got her at the auction where I bought so many Italian dolls that I was dreaming about sorting Italian dolls.

Look at that curl. She was in such nice condition.

She's about 16" tall.
She's a little short legged and stubby. I can relate!

She's strung, so her legs and arms can go out to the sides as well as up and down.

She kind of has 'man hands'.Actually, they're very Sasha-like. What's the connection?
She has sleep eyes.This picture gives a good view of her eye make up. Also notice her neck joint.

 She was made somewhere around 1967.

The groovy dress she's wearing is The Turned On Mini dress for Ideal's Crissy. It looks great on her though.

The sleeves are lined in satin fabric.

 I doubt I'll have another opportunity to own a Bettina doll, and if I do, she probably won't be as beautiful as this one.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Hi Tam, Bettina is truly one of the most beautiful dolls of her time, she's gorgeous! I wanted to bid along a few months ago on a lovely Bettina in her box on EBay, but had to give up, she got a very high final bid! Italian companies were good at making fashion dolls in that time weren't they, they usually are so special!

  2. Very beautiful. I've had a few Furga dolls, including the S Girls, but none of them really struck me like Bettina. I really wish I had been able to keep her. I even loved that dress! I have seen several Italian dolls that I would love to have but usually they are the ...'unusual' looking ones! I forgot to mention that Bettina was based on, or at least named after, a real life model. I believe the real lady had dark hair though. Bettina also came as a brunette.

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