Friday, October 3, 2014

Doll-A-Day 252: Pink Skinned Malibu Barbie Type: Fashion Fireworks Barbie

  Well first of all, I'm starting to feel better. I have only felt crappy about 3 times today, and I had a busy day full of doing stuff. So hopefully I am on the way to being all better. I am waaay tired of feeling bad. This needs to be over.
  One of the things I did today was make a find at Salvation Army. Technically I didn't actually make the find. I was told about it.But then I went over and made the score, so that counts. Right? I'll tell you about that tomorrow.
  Today's doll is one I don't know the name of for sure, so hopefully someone can help me here.

 All I know is that she's a European Barbie, possibly Super Fashion Fireworks Barbie. If anybody knows if there was another pale, pink skinned doll using the Malibu Barbie style face paint and head mold, (which is actually the Barbie friend Stacey head mold), let me know.

She is probably not wearing her origina swimsuit, but this is what she was wearing when I got her.

As you can see, she's basically Malibu Barbie after learning the dangers of tanning. Or maybe she's just Malibu Barbie before the tanning.

She has lighter, slightly more silky pale blonde hair than Malibu Barbie. (Maybe Malibu Barbie spent more time in a chlorinated pool.)

Tomorrow is Saturday, and you know what that means: Skipper Saturday. See you then.


  1. I have this doll also, and I thought it was European till I got the Sarah Sink Eames Barbie Fashion Vol. 3 1975 - 1979 and found it on page 108 & 109 . Apparently Ben Franklin and Kresge used this doll as part of their fashion combo packs. The Kresge one is called Super Fashion Fireworks as you mentioned. Here is a link to the picture and description of the Ben Franklin one on the Barbie Collector site. Yours is different from mine in that yours has what looks like Francie arms and mine are the Mexico hand arms that are tiny and point outward. But you know Mattel used what ever was at hand since they were always trying to be thrifty, and this doll was obviously made cheaply. I like her pale since she stands out from the more common tan Malibu Barbie, who I like also. She was my first Barbie ever ( the tan Malibu Barbie ) so of course I'm biased. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Well thanks! Thanks for your information too. You're right. Those are Francie arms. I hadn't even noticed. I love Stacey dolls, but I really don't care for Malibu Barbie. Her hair is very nasty, and her make up with that tan makes her look tacky. I like this pale version though. There is a European one like this too, isn't there?

    2. Aww, not many collectors like the Malibu's, but I thought she was beautiful when I got her at age 5. All the Malibu dolls just look so happy and ready to go to the beach. By the way, my name is Evie, I'm just not a fan of having to sign in for everything online so if I can do it easy as an anonymous, I do.
      Yep there is a European one and it looks just like the cheap fashion packs doll that was included in the Ben Franklin & Kresge one, and it came out in 1976. I'm not sure what the difference would be once the dolls are deboxed? Since we both found ours here in America it's probably a good bet that they are the fashion packs doll. But since people do move around and take their dolls with them, there is always a chance that they could be European.
      There is also a Funtime Barbie from 1974 that has pale skin, but not as pale a skin as the fashion packs doll, and has the Stacey head mold, and you'll like hair. She's supposed to be rare according to the reference book "Barbie the First 30 Years" by Stefanie Deutsch on pg. 67, if you have it and want to look it up. The pale skinned, blonde haired European Barbie is on pg 65 of the Sarah Sink Eames "Barbie Fashion Vol. 3 1975 - 1979." That one isn't on the Barbie Collector site like the fashion packs doll was. Barbie Bazaar did an article about these dolls also but I have no idea which issue it's in.
      It's so nice to talk Barbie with anyone. I live in a place in Missouri where I haven't found any collectors, and I've been collecting for 12 years now. I wish we had doll sales/conventions near me, they must be a good way to meet other collectors. I enjoy them vicariously through different doll blogs. Thanks again for such a well done and informative doll blog.

    3. Well thanks Evie. Feel free to 'drop in' for a talk anytime! We had a huge doll show a couple times a year in Columbus, about an hour from here. Unfortunately they lost their venue, (The property was sold to developers for a shopping village extension.) and both shows were cancelled this year. That probably will result in the end of the shows. Those were the biggest in Ohio. The rest aren't worth the drive for me, being small and so much farther away.
      I think I've seen that red haired doll you mentioned in Barbie Bazaar. I'd love to have that one. I got the doll in this post at a doll auction, so the collector it belonged to could have gotten a European one. Once they're deboxed its hard to tell. I have seen European Barbies at those auction though.


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