Sunday, October 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day 254: Ricky

  Today's doll is Ricky.

He's not the same Ricky we saw recently. He's the new guy I got at Salvation Army Friday evening.

He's a tan skinned Ricky. The Ricky I showed recently, on Doll-A-Day 215, is a pink skinned Ricky.
He actually has a slightly lighter red hair than his pink buddy.

 And, of course, they both have freckles.

They have a molded cowlick in their hair.
 Ricky was introduced in 1965 as a tan skinned doll. The pink skinned version followed the next year.

 Ricky shares the Skipper body mold with Skipper and Skooter.

This Ricky is wearing his original outfit: swim trunks and a beach jacket.
Don't let the greenery fool you. It was pretty cold out there today for this outfit!

He's supposed to have cork sandals with red straps, identical to Ken's original sandals. This guy doesn't have his, but his beach jacket and swim trunks are really nice.

 Ricky is the only Skipper friend to ever have his own line of clothing. Six outfits were produced for Ricky. His beach jacket has a Ricky tag inside the collar.

See you tomorrow for another doll. (I've got to get another line!)

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