Friday, October 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 259: Nan

  Today's doll is Nan, from Nan and Fran.

Nan and Fran were part of the Pretty Pairs series, made by Mattel in 1970.

There were two other dolls with their dolls in the series.

All of them share the same body as Barbie's sister Tutti, and could wear Tutti's clothes.
This is actually Tutti's Jumpin' Rope dress,

 Nan's original outfit was a nightie and cap.

 Buffy and Mrs. Beasley were sold the same year, but weren't part of the Pretty Pairs series.
My childhood Buffy and Bease.
Nan was the only African American Tutti friend or same size doll sold in the U.S.

Carla was sold in Europe though.

See you tomorrow for Skipper Saturday.

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