Monday, October 27, 2014

Doll-A-Day 275: Li'l Penny and What I Scored at the Doll Show

  First, welcome to our new follower Jawn Pickles. Thanks for joining us!
  Well, this was a disappointing doll show for me. I had money to spend, and found almost nothing I really really wanted, and very little of that could I afford anyway.

This is only part of the room. People griped for years about the dim lighting in this place: people walked around with flashlights so they could see what they were thinking about buying. The spring show this year was the first show with the new lighting that the owners of the building spent tens of thousands of dollars on. Now they tell us that this is the last show here, as the building has been sold to the nearby shopping...TOWN, and is to be torn down to make way for a full shopping city.

The glass case on the right is mine, complete with my sparkly skull with the flashing light up eyes.I made the tiny dolls and furniture inside the case.

I ended up only buying a long haired Pepper doll for $2 from my friend Karen, (You may remember Karen sold me the small vintage Asian doll from Doll-A-Day 247, and the Karito Kids Ling from Doll-A-Day 221.),a vintage snowsuit for 14" dolls, and a miniature fishing creel.(And my dolls don't even fish! They're all vegetarians!) Oh, and today's doll.We'll get to him in a minute.

   I made a few purchases that I will end up selling, but those were the only things I bought for me. I bought these two girls to help me finance some dolls on my wish list.
I already have several BFC Addisons, (On the right.), and this outfit.

They're both just about mint.
I also bought this BFC Ink Yuko doll.

She was a super good price, but I really don't need one in a box, since I will just open her box anyway and they are usually so expensive.I have been wanting one, and this one is the extra articulated one, but I'm not sure I like that lower lid eye liner.

Anyway, I also really want BFC Gianna, so maybe I'll pay for her with Yuko...if I can part with her!
  As for today's doll, he's Lil Penny!

"Yo Tyra!  I saved you a seat! Just park it right here next to me baby!"
  I LOVE Lil Penny! He was the spokes 'person' in the ads for Nike in the mid 1990's.
I used to annoy my kids a lot by singing his song from the commercial. "I'm shootin' basketball..."
Watch my favourite Lil Penny commercial HERE
He was the 'mini me' for basketball player Penny Hardaway...

Big Penny and Lil Penny.Penny Hardaway played for the Orlando Magic at the time.His real name is Anfernee Hardaway.
 ...and he was voiced by Chris Rock.

Lil Penny looks more like Chris Rock than Penny Hardaway.
I liked him way better than I ever liked Chris Rock though. Maybe because Chris Rock wasn't a weird little egotistical live doll, butting into everything.

"What do you mean, 'butting in'?!"
 A lot of people were creeped out by the weird little living doll sitting around talking and stuff. Probably for the same reason people are creeped out by those movies about 'live' ventriloquist dummies and 'devil dolls'. But then, those never bothered me either.(Well, maybe the 'Devil doll' ones...) Lil Penny was so popular he even 'wrote' a book.

...and yes, I own it.
The doll I made Emma of herself developed a personality that, now that I think about it, owes a little bit to Lil Penny. But I had nothing to do with that...

"Hike!" These aren't his clothes. For some reason his previous owner has dressed him in what looks like football pants instead of basketball clothes.I wonder if  a Barbie basketball  uniform would fit him...

I think he's punting.

Apparently Nike brought Lil Penny back earlier this year, to advertise their shoe, the Lil Penny Posite. I can no way see spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes.
His hand has a peg to snap on the basketball he originally came with.
This Lil Penny is 9" tall.
"Nine inches of total pumpedness! Check me out ladies!"
"Look at these abs! Punch me in the stomach! Go ahead! Punch me! No, wait...never mind..."

 I always really wanted the 14" talking Lil Penny doll, but I'm still waiting to find a used one...that isn't being sold by someone who uses offensive words to ask their husband how much he is charging.
"What do you mean DOLL?! I am an ACTION FIGURE!"
"I am OUTTA HERE until you learn some respect for me!"
Oh well.
Tomorrow we'll take a look at another doll.

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