Saturday, October 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 253: Skipper Saturday: Brunette Straight Leg Skipper

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is a new acquisition. I just bought her last night at Salvation Army. She's a brunette straight leg.

A tip from a doll dealer who lives here in town, (I ran into her at Goodwill.), led me to Salvation Army. They had a Tutti case with three dolls and non Tutti clothes, a Ken case with a Ken, Allan, and a bunch of Barbie clothes, and a Skipper/Skooter case with a Ricky, this Skipper, and some Skipper clothes and shoes.

 The Ricky is super nice and looks barely played with. We'll see more of him tomorrow.

Skipper is in very good condition too. She might have had a chunk of her bangs cut, or she may have just been rooted that way.

She's in nice condition otherwise though.

She has the 'tan' skin tone'. She's a lot less pink than my tan skinned Sample Skipper that I showed you last Saturday. Even though she's tan skinned she has a very pink complexion compared to today's girl.
Sample on the left, new girl on the right. New girl has a slight paint flaw in her right eye. I haven't had a chance to do any clean up on her other than a quick rub on her face to remove some white powdery looking stuff. I forgot it was there. Sorry!
This Skipper is wearing Platter Party from 1965.

'Platter' refers to records, for those of you too young to know the usage.

Platter Party consists of the dress,red flats, a blue plastic record player,and 2 'records', one with a blue label and one with a red label. 

The blue record player was something I wanted because it reminds me of a record player I had when I was a kid.It was light and dark blue too, and made of really hard plastic. It had been my Dad's, I think.It ran on batteries. I took it to school in first grade and played my few records on the bus and at school during indoor recess. I wish I still had it.
  Unfortunately, even though I have two of the Skipper ones, I can't lay my hands on one of them right now! But it looks like this:

  As warm as it has been recently, today it was in the 40's! It rained all day yesterday and on and off today.That really helped cool it down. Ken and I did some yard saling this morning, and while we were out it began to snow, and then, suddenly, to hail! Ken was in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Everybody was questioning it, as was I. Ken always tries to claim that he's not cold, even though I was freezing. Eventually he admitted that it was 'starting to get cold'! He even put socks on when he came home!
  It's supposed to be in the mid 30's tonight, so I was forced to pick all my half ripe and green tomatoes and little cucumbers before they froze.I hope they ripen inside, but tomatoes, which are one of my favourite foods, taste so much better when they ripen on the vine. I waited all summer for my tomatoes and the majority of them were still trying to ripen and grow. I did  bring one big planter inside that has a tomato plant that was still blooming. I expect nothing will come of it, but it had so many blooms I thought, why not give it a chance?
  Check in tomorrow for another doll.

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