Saturday, October 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 260: Malibu Skipper

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this Malibu Skipper.

I've said before that Malibus aren't my favourite Skippers, but this girl has nice pale blonde hair that is smoother and not as crispy looking as most Malibu Skippers'.

And her eyes are a lighter blue than some Malibu Skippers', so they show up better amongst that black eye shadow. The eye makeup in general is not as heavy on this girl either, which helps her looks too.

She actually is a pretty nice doll without the sort of glowering look I see on a lot of Malibu Skippers.

She does have a problem though, which is a common one with all the Malibu dolls: green spots.

It must be something in the materials used to make the dolls, but they can spontaneously develop green or pale spots for no apparent reason.

It's a shame, because she may be my favourite Malibu Skipper.

She's wearing Skipper Best Buy outfit # 7774,from 1974.
Most of the Best Buy outfits didn't come with shoes. This one didn't.

The outfit is a blouse and bibbed jumper dress.

Lori and I went to the flea market today, and I filled my little cart. Tomorrow we'll have a look at some of the things I got.

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