Monday, October 6, 2014

Doll-A-Day 255: Dark Brunette/Chocolate Bon Bon Twist and Turn Barbie

  Today's doll is this Twist and Turn Barbie.
The hair colour she has is supposed to be 'chocolate bon bon', a dark brown colour.

But this girl has black hair. From what I can tell from researching the Twist and Turn hair colours,she's rare.

 Its hard to get a picture showing her true hair colour. It looks a lot lighter in these pictures than it looks in real life.

 Barbie was supposed to be a 'teenaged fashion model', but she always looked alot older than a teenager. In 1967 Barbie was redesigned and given a more fresh, youthful looking appearance as the Twist and Turn Barbie.

 Twist and Turn was the first Barbie with a twistable waist, so she could turn in more realistic poses.

She was also the first Barbie with rooted eye lashes.

She has bendable legs too, but they were introduced in 1965 on the American Girl Barbie.
Times and fashions were changing. Young girls in 1967 didn't wear their hair in bubble cuts and ponytails any more. Long, straight hair was the fashion of the day, and Barbie was upgraded to fit the fashion.
The Mod Era dolls are my favourites. I love the pink complexion, the blushy cheeks and the rooted eyelashes.

Everything about them is bright and colourful.
 Since I was born in 1962 I should have had a Mod Era Barbie. Somehow I had a Swirl Barbie, which came out in 1964. No wonder the poor girl ended up bald! Actually, I know I was older than two when I got her. I was at least four, and it may have been my fifth birthday. I remember the day my Dad brought the two boxes home with him when he came home from work,one for me, and one for my sister. We're six years apart, but our birthdays are nine days apart. As kids we often had to share a birthday cake. I suppose Mom didn't want to bake 2 cakes within such a short period of time, but it didn't do much for making your special day your special day. With my kids I always baked at least 2 cakes, if not three for their birthdays:one for the actual day with family, one for school, and one for the birthday party with friends. And I bake from scratch. A birthday should be the day it's all about you. It should be special.
 This girl needs a body upgrade.
As you can see, at the least this body needs a baking soda scrub on the arms.

Her original body had the legs off. They were there, but not connected.(That's most common with the Talking Barbies. Their legs are often off, even with dolls that have never been removed from the box.) She borrowed this not so great body so she could model this beautiful Beau Time dress I got at Salvation Army the other night. 
Beau Time is from 1966, a year earlier than Twist and Turn Barbie, but it's colours look great with her black hair.
The dress was in a Ken case that contained a Ken, an Allan, and a little box of clothes, including some home mades, some generics, and some tagged  Barbie and Francie clothes.I got pretty excited when I saw this dress.

I knew this dress probably made the price of the case worth it. For some reason this simple dress is one of the more sought after Barbie fashions.

It's not that hard to understand. It's a beautiful dress. This one hasn't faded at all. The colours are super bright and the fabric is crisp.

There are two popped seams in the front. One is hidden by the bow.
The exact same pattern was used to make Barbie's Pak dress Best Bow from 1967.The Best Bow dress was made in a wide variety of fabrics.
See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. This dress is lovely, it's obvious why everybody wants this (me included!) :-).


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