Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 271:Soft Dolls Week: Molly

  Today's doll is this Molly.

Molly is based on the character Molly from Ladybug magazine,and the books, both by Marylin Hafner.

Molly is a lively little girl who has adventures with her cat Emmett.

They appear in such books as... 


Marylin Hafner was the author and illustrator of the books and stories of  Molly and Emmett,(her cat), which were a monthly feature in Lady Bug magazine. Possibly they still are. (I don't have kids small enough for Ladybug anymore. **Sniff!**
Molly is about 12" tall, with a removable dress that closes in the back with Velcro...

...and soft pull on shoes made of a stretchy knit fabric.

Marylin Hafner illustrated many books by other writers too, including "McBrooms' Wonderful One Acre Farm" by Sid Fleishman, one of my favourite kid's authors.(I love his books for kids too old for McBroom, like "Jingo Django" and "By The Great Horn Spoon", the book Disney's movie "Bullwhip Griffin" was based on.) She passed away in 2008.
  There is also a doll of Molly's cat Emmett,as shown above,but I don't have him.

Tomorrow we'll visit with another famous book character for Soft Dolls Week.

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