Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 276: Meygana Broomstix

  Here it is nearly Halloween, and I haven't done anything even remotely spooky or creepy. Today's doll isn't exactly either of those, but she is a witch, so she fits the Halloween mood. She's Meygana Broomstix.

Meygana Broomstix is part of the Bratzillaz line, an offshoot of Bratz, which, I think, was meant to compete with Monster High.

This is her box...

...and the back of her box, showing the whole line.

I have to say, I never liked Bratz dolls, and my kids were never allowed to have any because I think they look too sleazy.I like the Bratzillaz Meygana though. Since she's not quite as realistic looking she doesn't come off quite as sleazy as a regular Bratz.

Her skirt is still a bit short though!
She comes with a furry purse, hat,dress, capelet,footless thigh high stockings, a brush that looks like a broom,glasses, and high heeled witchy shoes.

Very Hogwarts inspired.

She has some of the traits that I've mentioned before that I like in a doll,like teeth...


...and red hair.
There's a black streak in her left braid...

and down the back of her head.

Plus she's articulated, which means she can be posed in lots of cool ways, so that's fun.

She has joints at the neck,waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips,and knees.

Her hat has some mud and water droplets because she fell in the rain.

She holds a pose pretty well.

Amazingly enough, it was possible to get her balanced well enough on those huge heels to stand on her own.

She did fall in the wind though, so in some of these pictures she has wet spots on her hat and hair.

The Bratzillaz line mostly have inset eyes, which are beautiful.

Her glasses are a little cloudy because they are made of one solid piece of hard plastic with painted frames. The plastic is a bit thick, so her glasses come off like she's just come in from the cold.

Which is really a shame since she has such amazing eyes.

They're sparkly.

This one has painted eyes...

 ...as does the only one neither Ivy nor I have, and that's the Basic Meygana doll.
I think I have all of the Meygana's except for two, and Ivy has one of those.

It's the only Bratz type doll she has except for a red haired Genie. She's the Midnight Beach Meygana, and she glows in the dark! I want one too. Of course Ivy can't find her right now. Figures.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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