Friday, October 17, 2014

Doll-A-Day 266: Teresa by Furga

  Today's doll is a recent internet win. She's Teresa.

Teresa was made by Furga in 1967.

I keep referring to her as 'Ter-eeee-sa', but since she is an Italian doll, I suppose she's 'Tair-Ay-sa'.

She's absolutely gorgeously mint, except for some spots on her dress,and all original.

She has a big bow tie that nearly covers all the gathers on her dress.
Leather-look shoes. Sorry about the sideways thing...

Bloomers that match her dress and fishnet tights.

There are those gathers.

Her braids are actually tied with pieces of her own hair.

Teresa is a whopping 24" tall.
Eegee's Georgette on the right, Teresa on the left.
Readers of the blog may have seen my Eegee Georgette on Doll-A-Day 240 back in September.At that time I didn't have Teresa, and I assumed they were the same size, due to their similarity. I was really surprised when I opened Teresa's shipping box  and saw how tall she really is.(Georgette is only 19" tall.)
There are differences, like the shade of red hair, and the skin tone. Georgette may be a little faded out,  but I don't think she started out as pink as Teresa anyway.Georgette also has bigger freckles. Teresa's stuffed body is a pink flesh colour, and Georgette's body is white cotton fabric.
They are awfully similar though.

Georgette even came in the same dress!
 It's like Eegee shrunk the molds for the head and limbs.(Georgette is from 1971.)I still don't know the connection between Eegee and Furga, and if anybody knows, please leave a comment.Other than the size, the only major difference is the shape of the eyes.
Georgette's eyes are, well, eye shaped , but Teresa's are vertical ovals.

Teresa's eyes aren't nearly as alien looking as they appear in some pictures.

Their hair is two different shades of red.
Teresa on the left, Georgette on the right. Teresa's hair is silkier, and less choppy looking. Her hair is glued to her forehead and the back of her neck, whereas Georgette's is loose. Notice that Teresa's dress has the gathers in the back too. Also, look at the tiny point of hair they bothered to put at the nape of her neck. My cousin Tim used to end up with the same little piece of hair there when he got his hair cut as a kid.

I'm sure they both get mistaken for Pippi Longstocking.But then, who doesn't? (Ok. Maybe that was just me...)

In 6th grade we had to line up for lunch right next to a bulletin board with a poster from this Pippi movie on it. I always seemed to get stuck in line right in front of the picture of this girl, who even I thought looked like me.Same red hair and big teeth. Luckily I at least somewhat grew into my teeth. I wonder what ever happened to this girl!
"Hey. Did you know you still have a flower growing here?" It's a weed. Now get back over here and let's get this thing finished.
 She has sleep eyes, and very long lashes.

 I'm not sure if her nail polish is original, but the rest of her has been taken such good care of, I almost think it must be.

Notice she even has blush on her hands.
 She has a bit of trouble holding her head up. She also can't stand on her own. Georgette had to back her up here.
 Oddly enough, even though she's so much bigger than Georgette, she seems a little bit lighter. From some pictures that were posted of a Teresa re-do, she's stuffed with foam. Georgette must be cotton or something.

Tomorrow is another Skipper Saturday. See you then.


  1. I am look for a Theresa as I has one given to me on my 10th birthday and unfortunately my ex-husband burnt her. I would dearly love to have her again. If you know of any that are for sale could you let me know.

    1. They do show up on Ebay occasionally. That's where I got mine. You just have to look on a regular basis. Good luck!

  2. I have this doll. My sister bought it for my 18th birthday, back in 1974. My doll is 43 years old come March 2017.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh no, sorry. I'm not ready to part with her.

  4. I have Georgie and George. I have searched and searched to find something about these dolls!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad I could be of service. Lucky you to have George! Don't forget to check out the post on Georgette. The link is above.


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