Saturday, October 25, 2014

Doll-A-Day 274: Skipper Saturday: Two Tone Brunette Straight Leg Skipper

  This week's Skipper Saturday doll is this brunette doll.

She's a brunette, but she's what's called a 'two tone' Skipper, because her hair is rooted with a combination of brown and red hairs.

It looks great.

She's wearing Learning to Ride, from 1966.

"Do you think these jodhpurs make my butt look big?" The cool barn is by Melissa and Doug. I think the horse is a Barbie horse. The wooden manger hanging in the barn is a guinea pig feeder from the pet section of Ollie's.

Learning to Ride coordinates with Barbie's Riding in the Park, from 1966-67.
Riding in the Park.
They liked these outfits so much they had their pictures put on a case wearing them! (That is, they were wearing the outfits. The case wasn't...)

Learning to Ride consists of a sleeveless red shirt...

Don't confuse this shirt with the sleeveless red shirt to Skipper's Sledding Fun. That one has a turtle neck. and white riding jacket...

...yellow jodhpurs... riding boots...

...and hat,black gloves...

I only have one.
...and a black riding crop,(which I don't have.).
In spite of owning this really keen riding outfit, Skipper can't actually sit on a horse...
This involved some weird sideways splits to achieve.
"Well I hope you understand that I can't actually ride you. But you had a nice brushing, right?"
Sorry about the riding thing."
"Are you mad at me?"

"I can't help it. It's a 'straight leg' thing."
"I'm sorry. So are we still friends?"
"That's better."

"You know I love you."
"Aww. Good guy."
"Ok. Now come on and get back in your stall."

"Right in there. Yeah, come on."
"You are seriously not going to get in your stall? I said I'm sorry."

"That's more like it, Good boy."
Now for the least fun part of owning a horse...

Tomorrow is the big doll show in Columbus, (Ohio). I'm going to try to get some sleep because I have to get up super early to get there in time to have some pre-opening shopping time after we get our table set up!


  1. We only had clones. And I have to say- they could ride. All my dolls did (I rode to school, too. Nobody could see it, but I knew I did, and that was enough :D ). I read americans say, the german dolls are 'slutty', because they sit with these legs so wide spread. But really, I would have felt sad if they would not have been able to ride! My dolls rode on everything horse-related, even the wooden carved horse from my Mother's youth friend was in their stable and missed by and by three of its four legs.

    Perhaps Skipper should have sat in the 'Lady's saddle'? Better than never riding a horse! Poor Skipper :(

    1. A lot of the older dolls sat that way, Ideal's Tammy, for example. It's not even very realistic, let alone modest, so it's nice that modern dolls can sit better! It does make riding a horse difficult though! Sometimes they just modify the horse, which is weird looking. Several years ago Mattel made a horse riding Kelly, (Barbie's little sister),and the horse was normal except at the middle, where it was super thin so Kelly could straddle it! It looked crazy, but they hadn't yet developed the Kelly that could stretch her legs out to the sides.


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