Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Doll-A-Day 257: Night Night Sleep Tight Tutti and a Little Bit About Tutti Dolls

  Our doll today is Night Night Sleep Tight Tutti.

Tutti was introduced in 1966,as Barbie's little sister.

The 1966 Tutti came in a small box, wearing a sunsuit wth matching hat, and in 1967 in a slightly larger box, wearing a dress with built in undies.
The original 1966 box and outfit. There are at least three different size checked fabrics for this sun suit.Brunette and blonde Tutti came in the same  outfit though.These are two of my favourite Tutti dolls in my collection. They have high colour face paint and are just beautiful.The high colour dolls may have been the later release though.

The back of the original box depicts fashions available for Tutti.

1967 Tutti came in this slightly taller box with a different design. Blondes came in the dress with a floral skirt and hot pink bodice. Brunettes in a dress with a hot pink skirt and floral bodice. Both dresses had built in undies in the floral design.
The same year she was introduced Tutti was also available in 4 sets, and the next year 2 more sets.

Back of the 1967 box shows all four Tutti sets.
The sets  included a doll with an accessory, like Cookin' Goodies Tutti, which came with a stove, Swing-a-ling Tutti,which came with a swing, (Duh!), and Night Night Sleep Tight, who came with a bed. The dolls from the sets are harder to find than the small box dolls.
Night Night Sleep Tight came with a bed,bed spread,night gown,robe,and slippers.
Missing a slipper here.

There were a couple of variation fabrics for this set. The most common is a dark pink cotton night gown with a light pink cotton robe with flowers. The bed spread matched the robe.

The back of Night Night Sleep Tight Tutti's box, showing the most common fabric.

The Tutti in this set is wearing a dark pink cotton gown with a white flannel robe with tiny pink polka dots. It seems to be the fabric from the kimono of the baby in Barbie Babysits.

 The variation shown in the Skipper and Tutti reference book...

... is made of the white fabric with flowers from the bassinet to Barbie Babysits. 

Night Night is one of only two Tutti dolls with red hair. The other is Sundae Treat Tutti.The way to tell which of the two you have is to look for the piece of hair on each side of Sundae Treat Tutti's head that pulls up to be ponytailed on top.

Sundae Treat Tutti.
Night Night Tutti has hair that is all meant to be pulled into a ponytail at the base of her neck

Night Night Tutti's hair is also shorter than Sundae Treat's hair.
If she's complete she will have a ribbon on her hair.
Tutti was sold in the U.S. until 1971, when the dolls were taken off the market. The wires that allowed posing often poked out of the rubber 'skin' and were considered a hazard to children. (The copper content of the wires also tends to turn the dolls green, or sometimes blue!)The dolls continued to be sold in Europe for years, but with thicker, tougher rubber skin.
  Join us tomorrow for another doll.

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