Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 267:Skipper Saturday: Blonde Straight Leg Skipper

   Before I forget, welcome to our newest follower. Thanks for joining us Shirley!
  I had planned to get so much done today, but as usual, nothing ever goes as planned. I was going to get most of the next week's posts done today while I was here all alone: Ken went to work two hours earlier than usual today, Fuzz was asleep since he works nights, and Ivy has been gone since Friday morning, camping with her friend and her family.Well, for a start, there wasn't a working camera battery in the house. I did get some posts written ahead, but no pictures.On top of that I have to do Ivy's jobs while she's away, and while I was cleaning the rabbit cage Jerome kept kicking 'wetness' into my face. My belief that it is just water is, I'm sure, only wishful thinking. Plus I've had a sinus headache all day, it rained so I couldn't get my laundry dry, and it's really cold in here. There. Got that off my chest. (But it's still covered with rabbit 'wetness'...)
  I took a few close ups before the only working camera battery in the known universe died it's sudden death. Finally the batteries are charged, so I have taken the rest of the pictures of today's Skipper.Here she is. She's this  straight leg Skipper.
According to her sign, she's playing the part of Clara in The Nutcracker Suite.

You may have seen her before, in the post telling about how I got her, from October 11th of last year.

I bought her from a lady who was trying to sell the dolls that had belonged to her and her sister as kids.
As I bought them. They're dressed in the last things their owners played with them in, I suppose.Both Skippers had had their lips coloured. I don't know with what, but it came off with water.
I bought the Skippers that had belonged to both sisters, and their Skooter and Tutti dolls.

This is today's girl, as she looked when I bought her. She belonged to the lady I bought her from, whose name is Karen.

The brunette belonged to Karen's sister Linda, who has passed away. Linda's doll was featured on Doll-A-Day 74.

...and after.
'Karen' is wearing Ballet Class, from 1964-65.

Ballet Class included this sparkly pink tutu...

 flowered head piece...

black leotard,black tights...

 ,white ballet shoes with ties...

Tying ballet shoes is not my strong suit...
... Nutcracker ballet sign, and pink satin drawstring bag, (to keep the shoes in).

The pink tutu has a zipper in the back.

Ballet Class coordinates with Barbie's Ballerina, (1961-65) Barbie has a Nutcracker sign too.Hers says the Sugar Plum Fairy is played by Barbie.

See you tomorrow for the start of Soft Doll Week, where we'll be looking at soft bodied dolls.


  1. Ballet Class is a lovely outfit! It's great that the dolls come from the original owners too :-). Haha, Jerome must miss Ivy and not be pleased with you cleaning the cage maybe. I hope your week gets better!

    1. Yes, I like to know the story behind the dolls, and who they belonged to.Unfortunately for Ivy, Jerome flicks pee on her too. That's one of the reasons she claims to dislike him so much...the biting didn't help either.And to think I rescued that guy! (The story of Jerome's rescue was a post entitled Everything Happens For a Reason, from July 21st of last year.)


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