Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 277: Mystery Girls: This one's for you Night Owl!

  I recently mentioned a doll I was trying to identify, and promised one of our followers, Night Owl, that I would post some pictures. I decided to use the mystery doll as the doll for today. Night Owl, if you recognize her, let me know. Anybody else is welcome to give us some information too, of course! I have also thrown in another mystery doll I've had laying around. She's another that I don't recognize,and maybe someone else will know who she is.Here they are.

Here's the first girl.

She has non bending arms and legs, and she's about 13" tall.
She was made by Kenner in 1990.

She has empty plug holes in her head.

BIG holes.

 I have an extra head from the exact same doll, so we can see what the actual plugs looks like.

Once the plugs are in place the hair looks very full, in spite of  them being so far apart.

It's doing that sideways thing again.

It looks like the plugs would be removable so I could switch the plugs from bodyless girl to girl with a body. They are really tight in her head though, and don't seem like they will pull out.
Maybe I could just switch the heads?
 She has painted on shoes with a molded in detail. The same molded in design is on her undies.

I don't really want this doll, but I hate to just throw her away. I have a really hard time doing that. I always feel like someone somewhere would want anything if it's still usable at all,and I hate to be wasteful.If I could switch the hair, there would at least be one doll who could find a new home.
 Here's the other girl.

She was made by Hasbro in 1982.

She reminds me of Morgan Fairchild.

Ahh! Big 80's hair!

She has weird slits in her torso, arms, and legs that seem to be for tucking fabric into so you can design outfits for her with fabric bits.
Her body has slits down the sides and that pink fabric is tucked into them.

What the heck?! Now we're doing UP SIDE DOWN TOO?!

Poor girl has a broken arm.And I think her dress is on backwards. Maybe she tried to put it on BY COMPUTER!!

She's slightly taller than the first girl, and she's kind of curved. I don't want her either, and she's broken, but I'm curious. Also, it would be good to know for future reference.
  Tomorrow's another doll. See you then.


  1. The first doll is Cool Cuts Kara. Apparently the hair plugs are supposed to come out. I found some hair sets being sold on Ebay. You cut the doll's hair, then replace the plugs and she's got a whole new look!

    1. I pity the poor kid who got this doll and tried to take the cut plugs out. You'd have to have the strength of Hercules to pull them out!

  2. And here is the second doll:

    1. You're right, but there is an American version too. That's what Night Owl's comment below is showing us. She was called Fashions by Me. Thanks for your information!

  3. Hi Tam, the first one is "Cool Cuts Kara", here's a link to Pinterest with lots of pictures and information:
    The second doll is Jem, I found a picture of the same damages on her arm as the limbs of your poor doll, here is the link: She does look like Morgan Fairchild with those pretty, classic features :-).

    1. Thanks for information! As I said above, it would have been practically impossible for kids to pull out those hair plugs! I bet that's how the one doll lost her head: the kid was trying to pull out the plugs and pulled the whole head off! I think the Jem page is just comparing Jem to the Fashions by Me doll because they share alot of the same fabrics and features. I don't think my doll is Jem. I think Aubrey is right, and she's the Fashions by Me doll. Good detective work though! Why couldn't I find these guys?!


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