Friday, September 8, 2017

Doll-A_Day 2017 #251: Fido Dido

  Today's doll is a simple little guy.
This particular Fido Dido is 9 1/2" tall.
He's Fido Dido.

Fido Dido began life as a doodle on a napkin.That was 1985. The artist was Sue Rose.

As you can see, the doll was made by Dakin.

The character was later developed by Rose and Joanna Ferrone. The character,and the logo 'Fido is for Fido Fido is Against no one' were used on T-shirts that became very popular in New York.

In 1987 Fido Dido was licensed to PepsiCo,makers of 7Up. He was used in commercials and ads and became popular enough to be marketed on clothes,stationary,and, as a doll.

The character appeared between shows on CBS's Saturday morning line up from 1990 to 1995.

His shoes are supposed to be untied.That was a popular thing back in the 80's. Unsentimental Niece was a little kid, and she wore her shoes that way. I remember being late to see "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" at the movies, and running down the street with her,when she ran right out of her fashionably untied shoes.
He has also had his own comic book (In Britain.), appeared in a comic strip in YM magazine in the early 90's, and a Sega Genesis game starring Fido Dido was made but never released. He did however star in a Neopets game.

Backwards hats are still a thing.

You can watch some of the 7Up commercials with Fido Dido HERE.
   See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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