Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #256:Maxi by Rotraut Schrott

  Today's doll is this pretty girl.

I found her at a thrift store last year. She's Maxi. 

Maxi was sculpted by Rotraut Schrott.

She was made exclusively for The Great American Doll Company,also known as GADCO.

She is numbered and was a limited amount of only 500.

210? 216? 218? What does it say??!!

Well?! As you can see, her hair is wigged,not rooted.

Maxi is an International Girls Registered Collection doll. (Whatever that means.)

She's 22" tall, although she can't really stand. Her legs are made for sitting poses.


She looks a little awkward standing.

Here's what the GADCO site has to say about Maxi:
 "The idea for Maxi was borne out a very old tradition of German doll makers. She was modeled after Rotraut's own daughter and represents a traditional style that is not easy to find. Maxi has a very ethereal and distant look giving her a sense of eternal beauty, a perennial wisdom, and a subtle "antique mystique" rarely seen in children today. Her sculpting is exquisite, very realistic, and true to life. Her demeanor and poise adds to her charm.
Maxi is constructed of the finest quality natural-look HardCast® Vinyl. Her natural style armatures allow her arms and legs to be positioned in many poses at the same time keeping her vision in a straight-on direction. She was made to be a sitter, contemplating the world and in no big hurry. Her presence in any home adds a certain quietude and a spot of sunshine to any room, bringing back the old world charm that disappeared two or three generations back. 
Maxi is one of a rare breed of dolls that uses genuine precision made European glass eyes. These are expensive, but well worth the additional cost to add that extra sense of realism and beauty. These eyes are all handmade using both classic and space-age materials to produce an effect that is as lifelike and natural as has ever been seen on a doll. Each of these is thus a unique piece of art by itself, creating an added dimension and sense of presence to Maxi which makes us feel that she is definitely alive. Her eyes are framed by the use of attractive hand set eyelashes."

Her vinyl is very smooth and flesh looking,and she has a very pretty mouth.

Maxi's dress and hat are designed in the classic "French Antique" style. Made from rich silk-look fabrics and fancy double-faced satin ribbons with tiny insertion laces throughout, she is truly a beautiful feast for the eyes. Her hat is a pure symphony of pinks and satins trimmed with European-style laces. Her dress is made of expensive laces and trims as well and has taken many hours to sew. She is wearing expensive hand crocheted stockings and enchanting pink leather-like shoes. Truly a veritable feast for the eyes and for the soul. "

According to Gadco,her extra special glass eyes are hand set, as are her eyelashes. 

Maxi has a stuffed body and a vinyl upper body plate,with a pronounced spine that,I have to say, is pretty nasty looking.

Anybody seen "Pet Cemetery"?

 Her hair is made up of many shades.

She can turn her head, but not tilt it.

Her arms and legs are curved,and her arms rotate in their sockets for posing.

 Her arms are subtly blushed. It shows up more on one arm than the other.

And here's one more picture of Maxi.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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