Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #270: Tippy Tumbles

This doll came from the flea market, from the lady who had cleared out her garage.

She's Tippy Tumbles.

Tippy was made by Ideal.

There were earlier versions of Tippy Tumbles,but this particular girl is from 1977.

 Although she's marked 1976.

There was an African American version , and even a boy named Timmy Tumbles.

I found these two up for sale.

Tippy measures 16" tall.

 She has a sweet face.

Her clothes snap in the back and are removeable.

You might remember seeing the two red haired girls I got from the same lady,which I showed you on Sunday. You might also remember that they were pretty grungy. Well, so was this girl when I got her.

She required a clean up,but surprisingly it wasn't that hard to get her clean.

Her hair ...ok,this is gross... contained mouse poop!

But it wasn't hard to remove. Although I did wash her hair about three times!

Her hair is a bit crispy. I've seen pictures of her in mint condition, so I know it did start life as smooth shiny hair!

Tippy comes with what looks sort of like a purse, or suitcase, with a cord attached that connects to Tippy's ankle.

The 'purse' is her control box,and it runs on three D batteries.
 The cord plugs into Tippy's ankle.

And what does she actually do?

Her name pretty much says it all. She tumbles!

 So once she was cleaned, and spent overnight drying out, I was still left wondering if she would work.         

So I dug our three D batteries, and guess what!

Place her in a sitting position first, and use the switch on the 'purse', and sure enough, with a weird mechanical sound, her arms move and lift her into her flips!

Veiw these pictures quickly, like a cartoon, or just watch the video of  her at work HERE.

Her arms seem unusually long,but it's so she can do her flips.

No wonder her hair is crispy! Look what happened to it after just a few minutes of flipping!

 If you want to see her original commercial you can go  HERE.

That's it for today. We'll look at another find from last weekend's flea market tomorrow. See you then.

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