Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #262: Newborn Baby So Beautiful.

  Some of you may have read that Ken and I took a trip to Canada for our 28th anniversary. We had a very nice time. We took it very leisurely,stopping at anything we saw that interested us. On the way to Canada I was good and even though we passed several antique malls, I only stopped at one!

I bought a $2 bag that contained these doll clothes.

A Dawn dress and hanger...

The rattle and pink and white outfit are Susie Cute. Anybody recognize the other?

This cape looks familiar. Anybody?
These Crissy shoes,still wet from a wash,were also in the bag. The Ken Masquerade mask was $1.
  We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast.

We hadn't managed to book anything,and luckily they had a no-show.

We toured a historic house that was across the street from the bed and breakfast where we stayed.

We stopped to photograph some egrets on a couple of ponds and sat and watched one hunt for a while.


We found a British shop, where we stocked up on some of our favourite British foods.

 We went to a little junk/antique store, where Ken found me a Kate Bush bootleg album.

We sat and ate lunch at a wildlife refuge.

 We did some shopping. Dollarama had these great mini trash cans for keeping in your car.

The flap is spring loaded.
I used to love the Coffee Crisp candy bars we got in Kentucky on vacation when I was a kid. I don't like coffee flavoured ANYTHING except Coffee Crisp. You can get them here at World Market if you want to pay a fortune for them. But they are cheap in Canada. And this trip we discovered that apparently,Coffee Crisp is pretty popular,because they make Coffee Crisp EVERYTHING.

And I got it!
I even had a Coffee Crisp frozen yogurt at the place a couple doors down from our bed and breakfast.

We stopped at some Canadian yard sales. At one  I got this beautiful antique corner shelf for $5!

At another one we enjoyed a visit with a lady and spent some time watching her chickens,ducks, geese, and turkeys. (The pig,goats, and the cow were hiding!)I bought today's doll from her. She's Newborn Baby So Beautiful.

Newborn Baby So Beautiful was made by Playmates in 1996.

They have inset eyes and 'real' eyelashes.

She was designed by J Shackleford.

The gimmick of these dolls was that they were all supposed to be different, with different combinations of hair colour,style, eye colour,and clothing.

This is her original outfit.

That accounts for the BSB.

Baby So Beautiful has hair that tends to be a bit crispy.

She's about 12" long. She's not made to stand, but then, she is a baby.

There were also the original Baby So Beautiful dolls, which were not 'newborn',and measured 14" tall. They looked more like toddlers, or even older kids than that. I actually found a red haired one, along with a red haired Tressy with a chopped place on the side of her hair,at the antique store where we got the Kate Bush album. I actually brought them to the counter, but they turned out to be $8 and $12, respectively,so I passed.

 You can see a commercial for Newborn baby So Beautiful HERE.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow when we'll look at another doll.


  1. Baby So Beautiful has a rather nice face for what I presume is supposed to be a play doll.

    1. They were play dolls,but they seem to have taken alot of care with them.On top of the eyelashes and detailed inset eyes,the hair is wigged, not rooted.It's pretty poor quality though. It's very dry and brittle and most dolls found have really crispy,frizzy hair. One thing about them too,alot of them have really dark burgundy coloured lips. It looks sort of weird for a baby.


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