Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #248: So In Style Grace

  Well some of you may know that I attempt to grow tomatoes. So far this season I have gotten two,count 'em TWO. tomatoes from my garden! 

Poor tomato number two. By the time it got ripe it had a big nasty hole and I had to cut part of it away!
This is all I had left! But it was worth it!

They started very early,way back while it was still winter. By the time they got big enough to transfer, and it got warm enough to set them out,some of them had died. Once they were set out they grew very slowly. It has taken them all this time to have only two ripen so far! They were delicious, but as cold as it's been lately, I may not get any more before it's so cold they get a frost on them and die.
  Yesterday we saw So In Style Trichelle. Today we're seeing the other doll I got when I bought her. It's So In Style Grace.

I'm pretty sure this Grace is from the Rocawear series. Anybody?

She doesn't have any of her original clothes. When I got her she was wearing these leggings and Trichelle's shirt. 

So she is borrowing this Generation Girl shirt because Ivy hated all the other choices I had!

Grace also has jointed elbows and click bend knees, like Trichelle.

Her hair is a great,realistic mix of colours.

You can see my post on So In Style Kara HERE.

 I won't go into much detail on the So In Style dolls, because I have done that twice,(including yesterday),in my other two posts on the S.I.S dolls. I'll just let you enjoy the beauty of Grace.

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll. See you then.

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