Friday, September 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 258:My First Disney Princess Merida

  Today we're looking at this girl.

She's Merida of course. 

This particular Merida is the My First Disney Princess Toddler Merida Forest Adventure. (Shew! That's a lot of name for a little girl!)

Here's what she would have looked like in her box

She was made by Tollytots.

This is her original dress. She should also have blue shoes.I found the doll and the bow and arrow at the same time,but I only found out afterward that this isn't her bow and arrow. It goes to some other Merida.

This one has a built in arrow that doesn't detach. 

The bow that came with this Merida had separate arrows that fitted in her quiver.

Her quiver is on a belt,instead of on her back.

She has a great head of red hair.

It could do with a tidying up, but I know I'd ruin the curls. As you know if you read the blog, I'm not very good at hair!

She has a sprinkling of freckles.

She doesn't have the smart aleck,quizzical face of the Merida from the movie, or even the Animator's toddler Merida. She's a bit too pretty. Not that Merida wasn't pretty, but she wasn't traditionally pretty.

  I prefer the Disney Animator's Merida, but when I found this girl I hadn't yet found my Animator's Merida. I figured I'd never get one,so this Merida would have to do. Since then I  got my Merida,so I'll probably let this girl go. For the time being though, she's still hanging out here.

See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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