Sunday, September 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #253:Goldilocks

   As you learned if you read the Shrunken Saturday post I just posted, yesterday I went with the girls and Fuzzy's girlfriend Shanna to a sunflower field.
Emma, Ivy, and Shanna at the sunflower field.

I thought it might be a great place to photograph a doll, so I took one with me that I thought would suit the colour scheme.

It was all blue sky and sunflowers as far as the eye could see.

So here's the doll.Even her name suits the place.She's Goldilocks by Ashton Drake.

She was from a series of Ashton Drake dolls called Storybook Sweethearts.

She was produced in 2010.

She's a Dianna Effner sculpt. Diana Effner is one of my favourite doll artists.

 You may have previously seen my Maru and Friends Maru,my Maru and Friends Mini Pal Chad,my Ashton Drake Alice, and my Ultimate Collection vinyl Willow.

Goldie was a perfect choice for the sunflowers. I was thinking of saving her for falling leaves, but she is much sunnier than that.

I had to take a few extra pictures today, and my yard was sunny, but just not the same without the sunflowers..

She has great curly hair.

Her eyes are painted.

This is her original outfit.

It consists of a dress,jacket,leggings,boots, purse, and knitted cap.

She has faux suede boots with 'fur' trim

Her leggings only come just below her boot tops.

Her purse, decorated with The Three Bears,opens and can store things. It closes with a snap.

Her knitted cap has a hole in the top.

She has the same body as my Ashton Drake Alice,with 11 points of articulation,including neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists,hips,and knees. In spite of that, she's still not very posable.Her arms don't bend very far. She can't touch her head or her face. Her legs work a lot better.

Her head can tilt side to side and up and down.

She could have had much better articulation, but what she has is better than the articulation on more expensive Effner dolls like the Little Darlings or Heartstrings dolls. Of course, she doesn't have the magnificent paint job either,but on the other hand, she is much less expensive!

That's our doll for today. See you again tomorrow.

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