Thursday, September 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #271: Miracle Moves Baby

  Today's doll is another from the flea market last Saturday. She's this baby.

She's Miracle Moves Drink and Wet Baby.

She is operated by three AA batteries.

When her batteries are installed and her on/off switch, (The black button above.),is turned to the on position, she can coo and yawn,and her eyes open and close, and her mouth moves when  she is 'fed' with her spoon,or given a bottle.

She is activated by the light sensor in her mouth,which you can see here. The bottle presses the surrounding area.

She has soft, rubbery 'skin' that feels sort of squashy and fleshlike on her limbs. (Her face isn't squashy, although it's made of the same rubber.)

The rubber is the sticky sort that picks up every hair and piece of lint within a 50 mile radius.

She does have detailed chubby little feet.

Her rubbery eyelids have 'real' eyelashes.

She has soft, fluffy hair that falls out easily when it's combed.

She was made by Mattel in 2003. Her head is marked 2000 though...

...and her body tag says 2002.

That's because there was an earlier version of Miracle Moves Baby. You can see her original commercial HERE. That one came in a striped jersey onesie and didn't have the pee feature. You can see the commercial for this version of the Baby HERE.

This version came in the purple nylon onesie,and a disposable diaper. She makes a watery peeing sound when her bottom feature is activated. I think the heat of your hand is what makes it work.

She had the diaper when I bought her, but it was in bad condition,so I threw it away.As you'll see in the commercial,her diaper changed colour with water,producing a nasty looking yellow stain!

This baby started out pretty grungy too, like the other dolls you've seen from the flea market.

The thing is,she came from a different dealer. She doesn't have the 'been in the garage for years' story, so I don't know what happened to her.

See you again tomorrow for another doll.

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