Friday, September 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #259:Shrunken Saturday:Finger Dings

  I'm posting this a little early because Ken and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary by taking a short trip to the country of our first date: Canada. Yeah, we live in Ohio, and we went to Canada for our first date. There's a story there, but I've already told it. If you want to read it please go HERE.  We'll be here and there for a couple of days, so I hope my scheduled posts pop up when they are supposed to. If not, Ill catch up when I get back.
  So today's Shrunken Saturday doll is three. These little people.These are Finger Ding dolls.


They were made by Remco.The girls are marked 1969.

The fellow is Mickey Dolenz, of The Monkees.  The Monkees dolls were just called 'Clever Finger Dolls', but they were also made by Remco and are the same design as the Finger Dings.

His copyright says 1970, but the Monkees were pretty much over before then, so I'm confused.

The pink haired girl is Millie Mod.               .

This is what she looked like in her box. Mine is missing her silver skirt and one boot.

The blue haired girl is Sally Ice Skater.

Mine is missing her red ice skates.

They are all about 5" tall.

Mickey is missing his yellow boots.
The gimmick to the Finger Dings is that they can be made to walk and dance. All that's required is your fingers.

Their bodies consist of a stretchy leotard and a legless torso.

The stretchy leotard has elastic that goes around the fingers to help the upper part of the doll stay upright.
But Ivy didn't use it...

Ivy's fingers were a bit too big to get all the way to the toes. But these guys are made for kid sized fingers.

The arms are posable.

Mickey has molded and painted sleeves, but the girls are bare armed.

Mickey is not a bad likeness of Mickey Dolenz.

There were,of course,three more Monkees.

What? They couldn't do one more Monkee and have them all? Poor Peter!

Emma,the major Monkees fan, actually has Mickey and Davey,but Mickey is the only one appearing today.
The girls have cute little pudgy faces.

Well, I guess it's just one face.

The hair is pretty smooth,and they have great cotton candy colours.


There were other Finger Dings, besides just the blonde ballerina that is pictured on the packaging for these girls. There were Finger Ding Animals,including Spunky Monkey,Kitty Kangaroo, and Hilda Hen,a series of Flower Kid dolls with the same faces as these girls, and Adventure Boy. Adventure Boy was available as an astronaut, a caped guy with a 'sky mobile', and in a set with a snow mobile.

Yeah, you guessed it: I want Adventure Boy!

"He's almost alive." Well, actually,he is, since your fingers are alive.

When I was a kid, I don't think I was aware of the Finger Dings,but that wasn't a problem. I created my own character with a hand, and the boots from my Big Ears soldier doll. Her name was Judy, and I played 'with' Judy a lot. Proof you don't need expensive toys to have fun. Or maybe it just proves I was a weird kid

I have seen people put the Finger Ding heads on Pure Neemo bodies. They look really cute.

That's it for Shrunken Saturday. See you tomorrow.


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