Monday, September 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #247: So In Style Trichelle

  Today's doll is one I got,not at the flea market on Saturday,but at Goodwill last week. She's this beautiful lady.

She's Trichelle,one of the So In Style,or S.I.S. dolls.

Her previous owner did something to her eyebrows. She's still beautiful though.  

The So In Style dolls originally consisted of Trichelle,Grace,Kara. You can see my post on Kara HERE.

The lone male,Darren, Marisa and Chandra were later additions.

The So In Style dolls were Ivy's favourite grown up dolls when she was a kid, (Her absolute favourites were Kelly and friends.),and Trichelle was her favourite So In Style doll.

She had quite a few S.I.S. dolls,most of them Trichelles,including this one.

You can see a commercial for the So In Style, or S.I.S. dolls HERE.

The So In Style dolls were the creation of Stacey McBride-Irby.

Stacey had designed Barbie dolls for Mattel for over ten years when she was given the opportunity to create her own doll line, which became the So In Style dolls,which premiered in 2009. She later created The Prettie Girls for the One World Doll Project. You can watch an interview with Stacey McBride-Irby HERE.
This Trichelle is from the Roca Wear series.

This is her original shirt and skirt.

Both Velcro in the back.
The skirt says 'Roca Wear' in the design.

There was also a line of little siblings for the So In Style girls.They had skinny,taller-than-Kelly bodies, pretty much like the current Chelsea dolls. There were little sisters,and a little brother named Julian.
The siblings were available individually and in sisters sets with the full size girls.
 Ivy had several of the siblings too,including cute little Julian,who was my favourite.
Ivy has this version of Julian.
 (A Julian doll is one of the 'stars' of Vanessa's ongoing story at Van's Doll Treasures.)

 Roca Wear Trichelle has jointed elbows and click bend knees.

She has great hair!

See you tomorrow for another doll. Trichelle's friend perhaps?

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