Thursday, September 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #264: Duchess Doll

  Today's doll is quite old,but looking good for her age.

She's a Duchess Doll Company  doll,according to the paper that was with her when I got her.

She's 8" tall.

The paper also said she was from 1949.

Her outfit looks a little risque' for 1949.

The doll herself is  like the common 'dress me' dolls sold in craft stores for so long. I think you can even still get them.

The have strung arms and head and a solid torso/legs body that doesn't allow them to sit.

And molded and painted shoes.

A lot of this type of doll were sold as fancy dolls which were usually for displaying,not playing with.

That accounts for why her dress is made to be displayed standing straight up behind her head.

 It displayed the dress too,and since she was not being taken down from her displayed position, her revealed backside would be a secret.

The cheesecloth slip is starched this way.
The dolls came in boxes that presented them with the dress flattened out out behind their heads.

Common as this type of doll is, I think this one is especially pretty.


She has very blushy cheeks and bright blue sleep eyes.

She has a really pretty dress fabric too.

I've run across a lot of these dolls, but I pass on most of them. I'm not sure I even bought this girl on purpose.She may have come in an auction lot. But I chose to keep her.

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll. See you then.

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