Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #250:Mary Hartline

  Today's doll is this lady.

She's Mary Hartline.

She was made by Ideal.

She looked like this in her box

She measures about 8" tall.

The real Mary Pauline Hartline was born in 1926. She was one of the stars of early television,appearing on the show "Super Circus".

You can watch a complete episode of the show HERE.
Mary was featured as the band leader,which accounts for the music notes on her skirt.

The show was filmed in Chicago from 1949 to 1955, when it was moved to new York, and some of the cast, including Mary, was replaced.

During her time on "Super Circus" Mary was so popular that she was produced in doll form several times,as well as about three dozen other products from boots to paint sets, to paper dolls, to puppets to clothes.

Mary's famous boots were achieved on this 'Dress Me' type doll by painting beyond the molded on shoes. I always thought Mary was a majorette because of the boots and the baton the dolls come with that looks like the kind somebody would carry when marching.

Her dress has a built in onsie.

Her dress buttons in the back with two LARGE buttons.

The real Mary, showing off a couple of her doppelgangers.

Following her departure from "Super Circus" Mary appeared for 18 months on the Chicago show "Princess Mary's Magic Castle",after which she retired from show business altogether.
This particular Mary Hartline doll is like the Dress Me craft dolls,with the strung head and arms and unjointed hips. She needs restrung because her head and arms aren't attached.

The glue from the felt heart in her hair has gotten into her hair. She has very bright blue eyes.

I'm not sure, but I think they were following me.

I guess she got tired of me.

The hole where her head goes.

These dolls are easy to restring with rubber bands. My sister and I used to restring our Dress Me type dolls that way all the time. Of course, the rubber bands decompose and sometimes they get goopy, so it's better to use doll stringing elastic.
See you tomorrow when we'll look at another doll.

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