Friday, March 21, 2014

Doll-A-Day 80: The Swedish Chef

 I said I had one more doll from my trip to the Disney Store, and here he is.The Swedish Chef!

This is a fitting doll for today because today the new Muppets movie, "Muppets Most Wanted" opens across the country. (Let's hear a Kermit style "Yaaaaayyyyy!!!")

I had never seen a doll of The Swedish Chef.

He's really good too.He's about 21" tall,

There is a mouth under that mustache.(But no eyes under the eyebrows!)
I have most of the other Muppets, but no Swedish Chef, until now. As I said before, with the deal giving you $50 credit when you spent your first $50 on your Disney Visa, all my Disney Store purchases that day were free!
 Who knew the Swedish Chef was married? (Emma said, of course, he was Jim Henson's hands.)

I have always loved The Muppets, since before Sesame Street. I grew up watching them, and I have never outgrown them. That's because Muppet humour covers all ages. Everybody can get something out of it....except my mom. I got her to take me to see The Muppets Take Manhattan when it came out. (I didn't drive then.) When it came to the scene where the Muppets are trying to break into The Mallory Gallery and end up being chased by guard dogs and they all shinny up a drain pipe,I was cracking up. Mom was disgusted and muttered, "Stupidest thing I ever paid money to see: a bunch of stuffed animals climbing up a drain pipe!" Mom wasn't into humour that could in any way be seen as children's entertainment. (Except for the Pink Panther. She loved him.Wonder how he rated.)
  Everybody knows it's one of my pet peeves that Disney owns the Muppets.(Even more than it annoys me that Warner Brothers owns everything MGM made. I think of the old studio rivalries and imagine Louis B. Mayer spinning in his grave every time the Warner logo shows up on an MGM movie.) I know it was Jim Henson's choice to sell The Muppets to Disney because he wanted The Muppets 'to live on forever' after he was gone. But it just annoys me that The Muppets are considered Disney characters now. The Muppets are The Muppets, and can never really belong to anybody else.
  I loved the last Muppet movie.I read that Frank Oz chose not to participate because he didn't think it was true to the characters. I thought they really got the characters right. The whole spirit of the thing was so in line with the original movies and TV show. As much as everything will be different now due to there being no Jim Henson (Which there hasn't been for the last few movies.),no Richard Hunt, (Scooter, Janice, and Statler. Richard died in 1992.),and no Jerry Juhl, (The Muppets head writer from the beginning, until he died in 2005.), I think the last movie was as close as it could be to the originals.But that's my opinion, Frank.
 I was actually considering doing a give away to celebrate the new Muppet movie, and the fact that I have these cool mini Kermits,but I don't think there are enough people out there reading this thing to bother. Maybe if I get a few more followers, (on the Google thing, not just by email, so I actually know I have them. How do you know who's following you by email?), by my 1 year anniversary of this blog in May, I might have a give away. So there you go. I've set you all a challenge, and it benefits you!
  Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday again. See you then.

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