Saturday, March 8, 2014

Doll-A-Day 67: Skipper Saturday: Straight Leg Skipper in Happy Birthday

   Gad! It's freezing here! I thought we were finally going to have Spring yesterday. I was actually able to go out from car to restaurant, etc. without my coat. Today it's back to snowing again. I know I live next door to The Selfish Giant, but I thought the winter was supposed to stay inside their walled in yard!
  Anyway, on to today's doll!
  As I have mentioned before, this year is Skipper's 50th birthday.So here's today's doll.
That hat is really crazy.

She's a straight leg Skipper.
Ah! There really is always that one hair!

Skipper is wearing Happy Birthday from 1965.
Yes, I do need to upgrade my hat. But I have the slip.

The outfit consists of the dress, half slip,hat, anklets, shoes, and gloves.

The accessories include a birthday cake (I don't have the candles.),party poppers (I only have one.),present, and party invitation. It's confusing. Skipper has an invitation and a present, but she also has the cake and party poppers. Is she having a birthday, or going to someone else's? If she's having one, then why is only one of her friends bringing her a present? And another thing, just how many are expected to eat from that cake?! Check out the size of that thing.Are all these kids on diets?!
They have no forks, but they have a knife to cut the cake with. Hmmm. I need more accessories. But at least these dolls all have shoes!

 This outfit has now been reproduced twice.The 30th Anniversary Porcelain Skipper doll, and this year's 50th Anniversary doll. My vintage doll is wearing the original 1965 fashion.
Looks like Skipper's birthday guests have arrived.Skooter looks nice, but Ricky...where is your tie?

Skooter: "Take your time and think of a really good wish." (Uh, Skooter, there aren't any candles...)

Ricky: "Forget the wish! Just blow out the candles so we can eat!"
My posts this week will be short and sweet. Bit of a relief after Oscar Week for both of us, I'm sure! Tomorrow we'll see the first in a week of Tammy dolls, in celebration of MY birthday! (That was Ken's idea when I asked for help in choosing this week's dolls.I'm not that big an egomaniac, really.)

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