Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doll-A-Day 77: Review Week: Disney Store Tangled Mother Gothel

  Well, Ivy is off on her Washington D.C. trip with the eighth grade. They left early this morning and stopped at Gettysburg this afternoon. They will soon arrive at their hotel.
  My dad, who is 90, gave us all a scare yesterday and this morning. He is in the hospital but appears to be doing better now. I know he's 90, but it didn't help that he was taken off his Lasix and had pneumonia recently because of it. Tomorrow I'll be going to see him,but it was hard today with all the dropping off, picking up, and more dropping off that had to be done.He has a bit of an irregular heart beat, but all his vital signs are good and his heart rate is fine. (I was confused as to how he could have an irregular heart beat and still have the proper heart rate. Apparently he has the right number of beats per minute, but they aren't regular.)
I don't feel much like it, but I'm going to continue with my regular routine for now. What else can I do? This post was already written, so I'll add the pictures. In truth, once Dad is back on his lasix he may be the same as before: 90. It's always a case of 'treasure every day' at this age.
Today's doll is sort of a companion to yesterday's. (Not by Rapunzel's choice, but...) It's Mother Gothel.

This doll is from the Disney Store too.She has exactly the same box as Rapunzel, so I won't waste my time and yours going over that again. If you're curious, please see yesterday's review for details on the box.

The usual conglomeration of twist ties, thread, and forty million of those little plastic thingies with the t-shaped end, most of which were in her cape,and left holes in it.

There were two versions of this doll at the Disney Store. The boxes were exactly the same except for this sticker in the bottom left corner.

The most noticeable difference between the dolls seemed to be that the dolls with the sticker had shorter, but 'bigger' hair.
"If I could turn back time..."
 I chose the puffier hair.She would have been very popular in the eighties!She has that Cher hair.

Her cape was hooked down with about 6 of the little plastic things. I thought that was a bit excessive. And as I said, they left holes in the cape.
 She had the tissue paper to puff her dress out too, like Rapunzel. 

She has jointed legs, as opposed to Rapunzel's weird rubber legs, so that may be another difference. I don't know what kind of legs the other version of Gothel has.Here's a look at those legs.
Looks like she's had a hard day on her feet.
She can't really sit down properly. She doesn't bend enough at the waist and her knees don't bend enough.She can only slouch, and she doesn't do that very well.
She just has regular high heel shoes. She has joints at the hip (just the regular back and forth kind.),knees, and ankles.

 And then of course there's this problem. She's bow legged, and she has a stain on each leg.
She's also jointed at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Her cape has a Velcro closure and is easy to remove.She also has painted on undies.
  I love her face. She is a pretty good recreation of the movie character.

Another problem is her hair. Here's what it looked like fresh out of the box:
I messed with it a bit, and it eventually looked pretty good.

But by the time I got finished photographing her it was working it's way back to the bald spot again.
So, she has some flaws, mostly the legs and the bald spot. I imagine kids would get pretty frustrated trying to keep her in a chair too. She wouldn't be much good for hair play. Just trying to fill her bald spot I nearly frizzed out her hair and one side turned out longer than the other.
Tomorrow is the last of my Disney Store articulated dolls.

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